1. the HCA must reconcile the CDTA and make available a report to its member organizations on a monthly basis. The reporting period must cover the entire month.
  2. each licensee must reconcile its designated lottery trust account and provide a report to its Board of Directors on a monthly basis. The reporting period must cover the entire month.

5.2    Licensees must provide the HCA at the end of each charitable gaming event with a financial report detailing the results of each charitable gaming event. At minimum, the report must include:

  1. gross receipts and prizes from bingo
  2. gross receipts and prizes from break open tickets
  3. licence fees
  4. reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.

5.3    The HCA must provide the licensing authorities and the Registrar with a  Bingo Hall Charity Association Report  for each monthly period. The report shall be due 30 days following month end and must include the following information:

  1. gross receipts for each type of lottery conducted
  2. prizes for each type of lottery conducted
  3. licence fees for the month
  4. reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for each event
  5. total deposits for the period
  6. shortages by event
  7. Marketing Fund information
  8. administrative expense
  9. H.S.T
  10. other revenues attributed to the Operator (including commissions from the sale of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation [OLG] products, food and beverage sales; revenues from any other goods or services provided to customers and such other revenues that arise from players being present, including revenues from advertising
  11. amount paid to the Operator net of HCA share of other revenues (described above
  12. amount available to member organizations of the HCA
  13. a list of member organizations of the HCA and the shares provided to each.

Upon request, the report must be accompanied by copies of bank statements, deposit slips, copies of cheques written to member organizations of the HCA and a paper record for all EFTs.

5.4    The HCA must provide the licensing authority with a financial statement verified by an independent financial accounting firm on a yearly basis, in accordance with section 5815 of the CPA Canada Handbook, “Auditor’s Reports on Compliance with Agreements, Statutes and Regulations.” The financial statements must be signed on behalf of the HCA’s Board of Directors and provide details of all charitable gaming events administered by the HCA. The financial statements must cover the HCA’s fiscal year.

5.5    Member organizations of the HCA shall be responsible for any shortages incurred as a result of that member organization’s operation of a charitable gaming event and must be indicated on the financial report. Shortages incurred as a result of the Operator or its employees will be the responsibility of the Operator and must be paid to the member organization conducting the charitable gaming event and must be included as part of the net deposit for that event.

5.6    The HCA Administrator must ensure that licensees are able to provide payment of the prize board for each charitable gaming event conducted.

5.7    The licensee must provide the licensing authority with a monthly report verified by the licensee’s Board of Directors, setting out all expenses paid from the proceeds derived from the charitable gaming event, as prescribed by the Registrar. The monthly report must be filed within 30 days of the end of the month covered by the report.

5.8    The HCA must, and where a licensee is required to do so, the licensee must file its financial statements with the licensing authority within 180 days after the fiscal year end.

5.9    Each licensee must file with the licensing authorities the compliance reports required by the terms and conditions within 180 days of its fiscal year end.

5.10  The HCA must make available to its member organizations copies of all reports filed with the licensing authority immediately after they are filed.

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