The AGCO Gaming Lab has established guidelines for the Electronic Raffle Systems (ERS) approval process. The process includes requirements and guidelines in order to facilitate quality testing, overall regulatory assessments and efficient approval processes of ERS in Ontario.

The assessment process is comprised of risk-based, laboratory testing against the AGCO’s  Electronic Gaming Equipment Minimum Technical Standards, and other risks that may not be covered by the standards.

It may also involve a field assessment, depending on how the solution is implemented. Please note, IT security assessments of a production system are always required. The assessment process typically takes two to three months until a field-trial approval is granted. Early consultations with the AGCO Gaming Lab allow for effective planning of the deployment of a new ERS solution in Ontario, and aids in efficient approvals.

AGCO submission and training requirements

There are specific requirements for technical documentation, training and ERS test environments. The purpose of these requirements are to support the assessment process. At the time of submission, the ERS solution must be available with production configurations, along with the hands-on training for testing in the AGCO Gaming Lab.

Non-compliance with the submission and training requirements may result in delays in approval. Raffle suppliers are encouraged to contact the AGCO Gaming Lab Manager at: AGCO_cGaming_Lottery_Lab@agco.ca to apply for solution approval.