The AGCO is offering this web page as a service to cannabis retail store operators. It points you to an online resource and other related links that will provide you with additional information on the variety of business regulations that might apply to your retail store. 

Although it is the responsibility of each business owner to ensure they know, understand and fulfill all relevant obligations, we hope this page and links that include relevant ministry contact numbers, serve as a helpful tool to you.

Regulations set the standards and rules that ensure the business marketplace is safe, consistent and fair to everyone.

You are already aware that as a retailer of cannabis products, you are required to comply with specific regulations and standards from both the federal and provincial governments.  Please see these helpful links, which explain some of your obligations:

Additionally, other laws and regulations may also likely apply to your business.  These include but are not limited to accessibilitysmoking in public places including the retail sale of vape products, privacy and the protection of personal information and hiring of private security guards. You are also required to comply with the requirements set out by your local municipality, including those related to building permits and retail by-laws.

Smoke Free Ontario Act Requirements

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA), section 15, includes a requirement for the proprietors or owners of enclosed workplaces/enclosed public places to have no smoking and no vaping signage at entrance and exits.  Further information on the signage requirements can be found on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s website.

ID Scanning Technology

Store operators are required to ensure their age verification practices meet all regulatory requirements. We understand some store operators are using ID scanning technology to accomplish this. There is nothing in the legislation, regulations or Registrar’s Standards that prohibits this.

We understand that scanning technology may also allow operators to collect and store information on their customers. Again, there is nothing in the cannabis licensing regulatory framework that prevents operators from doing so; however, we encourage store operators to remain mindful of their obligations when it comes to the collection and storage of private information.

The Government of Ontario is not collecting any data on individuals who visit authorized cannabis retail stores.

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