This table shows the names of AGCO Executives & Directors for which Travel, Meal & Hospitality Expenses have been disclosed and reviewed by the Integrity Commissioner.

It is not a complete list of current AGCO Executives and Directors.

Bourgeois, DonDirector, Legal Services & General Counsel to March 31, 2014
Crane, S. DavidChief Superintendent/Bureau Commander Investigations and Enforcement to June 30, 2011
Grewal, SukhiDirector, Electronic Gaming to July 19, 2011
Klas, KatherineDirector, Sector Liaison to March 7, 2013
Major, JeanChief Executive Officer
McInally, TerryDirector, Risk/Project Management and Internal Audit to June 21, 2012
Milanovich, JasminaCorporate Secretary and Chief Corporate Relations Officer
Mungham, TomChief Operating Officer, Operations Division
Otton, MarthaChief Strategy Officer, Strategy and Policy Division
Price, WilliamChief Superintendent, Bureau Commander
Slater, CraigDirector, Legal Services & General Counsel
Sweny, GeorgeChief Strategy Officer, Strategy and Policy Division to June 29, 2012
Tedesco, TeresaChief Administrative Officer, Corporate Services Division

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