Potential RSA issuance date based on all applications received

Total Number of RSA applicationsPotential RSA issuance date

(This table is updated daily)

The potential RSA issuance date is calculated based on two factors:

  • the total number of applications being processed, including those that have all the requirements and are waiting in queue to be issued an RSA
  • the current RSA issuance pace directed by the Government of Ontario

This date is intended to offer orientation to new applicants around their potential RSA issuance date before they apply. However, the actual RSA issuance date specific to each application file can be earlier or later than the date shown above. This will depend on the readiness of the application and on when an applicant is able to enter the queue.

All applicants are reminded of the advantages of completing their application in a timely manner. Doing so will provide them with an earlier RSA issuance date, ultimately enabling them to open their stores sooner.

(Note: Applicants that have already joined the queue have been provided with a precise estimated issuance date specific to their application file.)

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