Stewards and Judges may place the name of any horse on the Racing Officials List for any reason they may deem to be proper. While on this list, the horse may not race or be entered into a race, as per the Rules of Thoroughbred Racing and the Rules of Standardbred Racing.

Horse Name Horse Breed Date On Date Off Track On Reason
A ROYAL HIT Standardbred 2021-07-22 Rideau Carleton Raceway Breaks
A STAR GALAXY Standardbred 2020-07-17 Mohawk Park breaks
ABC MUSCLES BOY Standardbred 2021-02-16 Rideau Carleton Raceway Coggins
AILEY HANOVER Standardbred 2020-11-12 Mohawk Park 2 breaks in a row
AKITA BAYAMA Standardbred 2021-02-22 Mohawk Park Breaks
ALAKAZAM ANGEL Standardbred 2020-08-01 Hiawatha Horse Park & Entertainment Centre break in a qualifier
ALESUND Standardbred 2020-06-01 Mohawk Park Breaks
ALL AROUND DRAGON Standardbred 2020-11-02 The Raceway at Western Fair District Performance
ALL WRAPPED UP Standardbred 2020-08-10 Mohawk Park breaks
ALLIKESMYMOM Standardbred 2021-07-10 Kawartha Downs Breaks, Performance
ALTAR Standardbred 2020-09-26 Mohawk Park 2 breaks in a row
AMANTHA STARR Standardbred 2020-07-06 Grand River Raceway Performance
AMBERS SHADOW Standardbred 2020-08-30 Leamington Raceway performance- distanced
AMERICAN LAND Standardbred 2020-12-05 Flamboro Downs Breaks in Qualifier
AMERICAN TICKET Standardbred 2021-06-12 Mohawk Park breaks
ANDARE SOLO Standardbred 2021-07-15 Mohawk Park Breaks
ANDIS UNREAL Standardbred 2020-08-14 Mohawk Park Breaks
ANDOVER ARDYNE Standardbred 2020-07-10 Mohawk Park breaks
ANGUS ALEXANDER Standardbred 2021-02-18 Mohawk Park Coggins list
ANNES CREDIT Standardbred 2021-07-17 Georgian Downs coggins



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