Continuous Play

Relevant Standard(s): 10.29
Application: iGaming


Is a continuous play functionality (for example, a player holding down the space bar will start the next game after the previous one is finished) on the online games permitted?


  1. Is this functionality permitted in Ontario?
  2. If this is possible, is it possible to increase the game speed during the continuous play mode?
  3. If the functionality isn’t permissible in Ontario, would it be possible to have it available on the game/platform, but disabling it during the configuration of the game/platform?


A continuous play functionality as described is not permitted; however, it is permissible to have the functionality available on the game/platform, provided that it is disabled. In such situations, there should be controls in place to ensure that the feature is not inadvertently activated.

Relevant Standard Excerpt(s):

10.29 A mechanism shall be in place to ensure that the player retains control of betting where auto-wagering functionality is provided.

Requirements – At a minimum, the auto-wagering functionality shall:

  1. Enable the player to choose the bet, and either the number of auto-wagering bets or the total amount to be bet.
  2. Enable the player to stop the auto-wagering regardless of how many auto-wagering bets were initially chosen or how many remain.
  3. Not override any of the display requirements, e.g. the result of each bet shall be displayed for a reasonable length of time before the next bet commences.
  4. Enable the player to limit the dollar amount gambled and/or length of play.
  5. Provide reasonable limits to the length of time auto-wagering can continue.

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