Surveillance Recordings

Relevant Standard(s): 4.1
Application: Casino


Is there an expectation that there is video surveillance recordings and monitoring of every slot machine, table game, and financial transaction, and that surveillance footage must be capable of independently verifying all gaming activities and financial transactions?


At a minimum, the AGCO expects video surveillance recordings of all Casino slot machines, table games, and financial transactions, as required by Standards 5.7 and 4.18. The Operator may enhance this minimum level of oversight with additional monitoring and recording activities as necessary (such as logs, monitoring by floor staff, etc.,) so that all reasonable efforts are taken to ensure the independent verification of all gaming activities and financial transactions.

The AGCO recognizes that given the operational nature of Casino slot machines, table games, and financial transactions, not all aspects of gaming activities and financial transactions will be completely independently verifiable, but it is expected that they will be where possible.

Relevant Standard Excerpt(s):

4.1 All gaming activities and financial transactions shall be conducted fairly and honestly, and must be independently verifiable.

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Continuous independent monitoring and recording of lottery schemes and cash (and cash equivalent) handling must be in place to support the verification of:
    1. Adherence to required rules of play by players and employees;
    2. Confirmation of outcomes of lottery schemes;
    3. Prize payment to the proper person;
    4. Accuracy of financial transactions.

Additional Relevant Standards:

5.7 Security and surveillance shall be in place to protect the public and gaming-related assets and to record transactions.

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Surveillance plans must include activities that address the following:
    1. camera coverage and control systems for all lottery schemes;
    2. secure movement of cash, cash equivalents and sensitive inventories within the gaming site;
    3. interventions related to persons suspected of conducting illegal activities at the gaming site.
  2. Any interruption of monitoring activities shall be immediately reported in accordance with the established notification matrix.
  3. Continuous independent monitoring must be provided even if the premises is closed to the public.
  4. Video/digital recordings shall be made and retained for a minimum period as specified by the Registrar.

4.18 Live table game layouts must at a minimum display the following information in a manner identifiable through surveillance recording:

  1. Unique Property Identifier
  2. Specific Game Name (Game Type)
  3. Wagering Positions
  4. Bonus Pay tables
  5. Unique Game Options

Guidance: Unique Game Options was intended to capture any options unique to the game which is important for understanding how the outcome of the game will be determined. As an example, in Blackjack an indication of whether the Dealer stands on all point totals of seventeen (17) or hits on soft seventeen (17).

This interpretation is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The interpretation relates to a specific set of circumstances and the standards, laws and regulations in force at the time the interpretation was issued; however, it is not an exhaustive or definitive interpretation of the standard(s) referenced herein.

The AGCO has established the Standards Interpretation Protocol, which acts as a single point of contact for inquiries from the gaming industry related to the interpretation of the Standards. For more information, please contact the AGCO’s Customer Service Department at 416 326-8700 (in the GTA) or 1 800 522-2876 (toll free in Ontario).

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