The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is responsible for administering the Liquor Licence and Control Act, 2019 (LLCA), which together with its regulations and the Registrar’s Standards establish the licensing and regulatory regime for most aspects relating to the sale, service and delivery of alcohol in Ontario.

The LLCA and its regulations provide the AGCO with the authority to licence and regulate various classes of licences and permits established under the legislation, including:

  • Licences to operate a liquor consumption premises 
  • Licences to operate a retail store  
  • Licences to operate a ferment on premises facility
  • Licences to deliver liquor 
  • Manufacturers’ licences
  • Licences to represent a manufacturer
  • Special occasion permits for the sale and service of liquor at special occasions, including auctions and tailgate events

The AGCO is responsible for regulating the sale of eligible wine, spirits and beer at farmers’ markets and industry promotional events, as well as licensing grocery stores to sell beer, wine or cider to the public (including within wine boutiques operated within those grocery stores).

The LLCA also provides for an inspection and enforcement regime to ensure that licensees and permit holders act in compliance with the law relating to the sale and service of alcohol.

The AGCO’s key regulatory objectives in relation to the sale and service of alcohol are to:

  • Ensure the alcohol sector is operated with honesty and integrity and in the broader public interest
  • Ensure that alcohol is sold, served and delivered responsibly
  • Ensure that residents are provided an opportunity to have their views considered during the licensing process
  • Permit Ontarians and visitors opportunities to responsibly enjoy beverage alcohol within an economically viable hospitality and tourism sector.

For more information about the specific types of licences available in the alcohol sector, visit the Alcohol section of the website.

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