In December 2019, the Liquor Licence and Control Act (the LLCA) received Royal Assent.

The LLCA represents a major modernization of the regulatory regime for Ontario’s beverage alcohol sector and is expected to come into force in 2021.

Over the past year the AGCO has continued to work collaboratively with Government to develop the regulations that will complete the new regulatory framework under the LLCA. In the coming years, the AGCO will work to implement the changes in the liquor regulatory regime and develop Registrar’s Standards for the sector to reflect the AGCO’s modern, outcomes-based approach to regulation.

Throughout 2020, the AGCO worked collaboratively with the Government of Ontario to introduce several measures to support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic and offer consumers greater choice and convenience, now and into the future. These changes include:

  • Providing flexibility for local businesses and restaurants by introducing liquor takeout and delivery with food from eligible liquor licensed establishments.
  • Increasing options for liquor delivery to customers by providing more flexibility for liquor delivery licensees and manufacturers with a retail store and the Beer Store.
  • Partnering with Smart Serve to offer free registration to the certification program to quickly increase the availability of certified delivery drivers. There was an overwhelming response to the initiative, with 100,000 enrolments during the free enrolment period.
  • Enhancing consumer choice and reducing administrative burden on businesses by expanding the Farmers Market program to permit additional Ontario wines and allow the sale of spirits at Ontario farmers’ markets.
  • Permitting virtual auctions to provide charitable organizations, administrators, executors, and law enforcement officers more flexibility to continue operations during the ongoing restrictions on social gatherings and into the future.
  • Allowing liquor sales licensees (e.g., licensed bars and restaurants) to temporarily extend their patios to support businesses to safely reopen and minimize administrative burden for licensees.
  • Allowing boat operators with a liquor sales licence to sell and serve liquor while the boat is docked, and to temporarily extend their licensed premises to create a patio.
  • Temporarily extending the liquor sales retail hours to provide ongoing flexibility for customers and retail stores. This extension of hours applies to all authorized grocery stores, Manufacturer’s Retail Stores, LCBO stores (including Convenience Outlets), and Brewers Retail Inc. stores (The Beer Store).

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