Lottery suppliers

Learn how to register to provide gaming-related products, services or equipment to lottery retailers.

Gaming-related suppliers

Types of registrations

To supply your products or services to lottery retailers in Ontario, you need to be registered with the AGCO. 

There is one type of gaming-related supplier registration that applies to lottery:  

  1. Lottery
    These suppliers make, install, test, maintain, fix gaming equipment, or supply equipment or services that are directly related to the lottery sector. They may also offer related consulting services only to people in the lottery sector.

There are no registration fees if you supply goods and services to only the OLG lottery sector. If you provide goods and services to any other area of Ontario’s gaming industry (whether casinos, charitable gaming or internet gaming), registration fees may apply.

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Non-gaming-related suppliers


In order to provide goods or services that relate to the construction, furnishing, repair, maintenance or business of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) lottery sector, but that are not directly gaming-related, you must be registered with the AGCO as a non-gaming-related supplier, unless you are eligible for an exemption.

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