Licence and authorization fees

There are fees required when you apply for your CROL, CRML, or CRSA and fees when you renew these licences or authorization.

Fee payments must be received by the AGCO before a licence or authorization application can be processed. If an application is withdrawn, or if the AGCO refuses to issue the licence or authorization for any reason, the fee is non-refundable. 

The fees are:



2-year term

Renewal Fee
2-year term
Renewal Fee
4-year term
Retail Operator Licence$6,000$2,000$4,000
Retail Store Authorization$4,000$3,500$7,000
Cannabis Retail Manager Licence*$750$500$1,000

*If you are a sole proprietor, you may not need to get a Cannabis Retail Manager Licence for that store.