Types of charitable gaming lottery licences

To conduct a lottery or raffle, or to sell break open tickets, you need a licence. There are many different types of licences.

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Bingo events

These are games where you buy bingo cards and try to complete certain patterns with randomly drawn numbers to win prizes. 

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Break open ticket

This is a cardboard ticket with hidden symbols. You tear open tabs to reveal symbols. The combinations on the back determine if you win. This licence allows you to sell tickets at one location.  

If your organization provides a broad benefit to the residents of Ontario and meets the provincial break open ticket licensing criteria, a provincial break open ticket licence lets you sell break open tickets at multiple locations across Ontario.  

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Fair or exhibition gaming event

These are games at fairs or exhibitions, including blackjack and wheel of fortune games. Merchandise bingo can also be included.

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Loonie progressive game

This is similar to progressive bingo, but it’s played separately and has a maximum prize of $5,000.

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Raffle lottery

You buy tickets for a chance to win prizes in various types of draws. These raffles might include 50/50, elimination draws, calendar draws, electronic raffles, and Catch the Ace.

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Social gaming

These are casual games like cards or bingo, with small bets and total cash prizes that aren’t higher than $500 per day. Social games don’t charge fees or make money.  

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Special occasion gaming

This is a limited gaming event (up to 20 blackjack tables or wheels of fortune) that is part of a social event, like a dinner or dance.

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Super jackpot

This is a special bingo game within a regular bingo event where the prize increases until someone wins by completing a specific pattern.

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