The AGCO and the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) are introducing a new data platform to help reduce your regulatory burden by both simplifying your cannabis reporting requirements and improving its accuracy.

The AGCO and OCS have jointly developed a new, streamlined Point-of-Sale (POS) Data Reporting Platform that will integrate directly with your in-store POS system.

The new platform will automatically extract, standardize, and automate your monthly reports directly from the data that you already house in your system. It will eliminate the need for your monthly preparation and submission of reports and will improve the accuracy of the data submitted to better fulfil your provincial and federally mandated regulatory reporting requirements.

How It Works  

The new POS Data Platform will automatically extract data from your POS system. The OCS will process the data and notify you of any errors. 

  • To increase efficiencies and reduce red tape, data will be automatically collected via an Application Programming Interface (API) connection between your POS system and the POS Data Platform.
  • Once the data has been processed, the data will be shared with the AGCO.  

Your POS provider will set up your system to integrate with the new POS Data Platform to:  

  • Automatically pull your required provincial and federal regulatory reporting data directly from your in-store POS system 
    • Once it is processed by the OCS, the data required for provincial and regulatory reporting will be available for federal regulatory reporting. The OCS will populate and complete reports required by Statistics Canada and Health Canada.
  • Integration of your POS system with the new POS Data Platform enables you to meet your provincial and federal regulatory reporting requirements.

No new or additional data will be collected:  

  • The POS Data Solution is configured to extract POS data required for provincial regulatory reporting and federal Cannabis Tracking System reporting.  
  • Pre-launch, third-party vulnerability tests, encryption hashing & cybersecurity best practices will be put in place. 

POS Data Platform Rollout

This new POS Data Platform is now being rolled with POS providers and their retailers.


  • Contact your POS provider to confirm they will be working with OCS to implement the POS Data Platform, which will affect all retailers.
  • Your transition to the new data platform will require you to resolve any outstanding data issues you may have related to your past, manually-submitted Excel reports. We therefore encourage you to resolve any such issues as soon as possible.  
  • All licensed cannabis retailers will be required to transition to this new platform.

For more information on the rollout, visit the Ontario Cannabis Reporting Requirements: POS Data Platform Rollout page.

Data security

To ensure the protection of retail data, the OCS has put several security measures in place. This includes security and vulnerability testing with a third-party to thoroughly test the platform before the beginning of the pilot, and the use of encryption hashing and security best practices.

The AGCO takes its responsibility to protect data seriously and will continue to do so when receiving POS data from the OCS. The AGCO is committed to protecting the retail data we receive, including through robust cyber security measures, with guidance from industry standards such as National Institute of Standards and Technology - Cybersecurity framework and International Organization for Standards ISO 2700½.

No new or additional data will be collected through this POS Data Platform. The POS will be configured so that all the data that is required for provincial regulatory reporting (to AGCO) and federal Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) reporting (to Health Canada and Statistics Canada) will be collected automatically by your POS system. In Ontario, the OCS is designated as the public body responsible for consolidating and reporting CTS information to the federal government.

The POS Data Platform is configured to share POS data sent by the POS providers.

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