View current applications

To view liquor sales licence applications filed with the AGCO on or after Jan 29. 2018 for which a public notification is required, please search via the iAGCO portal. An account is not required. 

Consult the following document to view pending applications submitted before Jan 29, 2018 (PDF / CSV) (available under an Open Government Licence).

Objecting to an application

Objections to applications posted on or after January 29, 2018 can only be made via the iAGCO portal.

You may object to an application that was posted before Jan 29, 2018 via mail, email, or fax as per the instructions on this page.

Public Notice

A liquor sales licence may be issued unless pursuant to the Liquor Licence Act it is not in the public interest.

Where an application for a liquor sales licence has been filed with the AGCO and there has been no liquor sales licence at that address for at least six (6) months, the AGCO posts a public notification to allow local residents the opportunity to comment on the proposed licence.

The AGCO also posts a public notification where an existing licensee wishes to (1) licence an outdoor space such as a patio, and (2) increase the licensed capacity (indoor or outdoor) of the establishment by more than 25%.

The Registrar of Alcohol, Gaming and Racing may require public notification due to the location or the past compliance history of an establishment.

Please note that the Licence Appeal Tribunal will post a public notification where an existing licensee wishes to remove a condition(s) imposed on the licence as a result of a hearing before a panel of the Board of the AGCO or the Licence Appeal Tribunal (