The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is responsible for administering the Liquor Licence Act (LLA) and specific sections of the Liquor Control Act (LCA), which together with the regulations made under them establish the licensing and regulatory regime for most aspects relating to the sale and service of alcohol in Ontario.

Among its responsibilities in the alcohol sector, the AGCO licenses and regulates premises that sell or serve alcohol to the public for on-site consumption.  This includes premises such as bars, restaurants, lounges and night clubs, although there are no restrictions in the LLA on the type of business that can apply for a Liquor Sales Licence.

The AGCO also issues various types of endorsements that allow liquor sales licensees to sell and serve alcohol under specific conditions.  Endorsements are essentially additions to a Liquor Sales Licence.  Licensees may hold more than one endorsement but endorsements are only valid when combined with an active licence.

This portal is intended for those applying for or already have a Liquor Sales Licence.

Use the resources below to help you apply for a licence or to better understand your obligations under the Liquor Licence Act.


AGCO services for Ontario’s Liquor Sales Licence holders are now 100% online! You will complete all of your alcohol-related transactions with the AGCO online. For more information, please visit the iAGCO Information page.

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