Reporting – Guidelines and Specifications

This chapter provides detailed information to assist operators of authorized cannabis retail stores in meeting their periodic and incident-based, federal, and sales reporting requirements. Federal and sales reports must be submitted monthly, while periodic and incident-based reports are submitted as required.

AGCO Periodic and Incident-Based Reporting

The AGCO has specific notification requirements, as set out in the “Regulatory Reporting Requirements – Cannabis” (Notification Matrix) document. These notifications are submitted through the iAGCO online portal, and include (but are not limited to) reporting incidences of lost or stolen product, changes to store layout, and failure of surveillance systems.

The Registrar’s Standards for Cannabis Retail Stores (Standard 1.6) require operators to comply with these notification requirements, including meeting the required timeframes for submission.

Periodic Reporting - Guidelines and Specifications
Periodic Regulatory Reporting Template (MS Excel file)

Monthly Federal Reporting

The AGCO collects data from retailers to support the federal cannabis tracking system, established under section 81 of the Cannabis Act (Canada). Operators must ensure that they properly track, report and submit the required inventory and sales data through their iAGCO account by the 5th of every month.

This information is shared with the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), where wholesale and online inventory and sales data will be compiled with private retailer sales data and submitted to Health Canada and Statistics Canada on behalf of Ontario.

Monthly Federal Reporting - Guidelines and Specifications
Monthly Federal Reporting Template (MS Excel file)

Monthly Sales Reporting

Cannabis retail store operators are also required to submit monthly inventory and sales reports for each authorized store through their iAGCO account by the 5th of every month. These sales reports include the data required by the AGCO to support regulatory compliance assurance.

These sales reports contain information that also satisfies operators’ commercial data obligations to the OCS. As such, you may opt to provide consent to the AGCO to share monthly sales reports with the OCS on your behalf by clicking on the consent field of the monthly sales reporting template. Should you not provide consent to the AGCO to share the monthly sales reports, the AGCO will not share the data and you will need to make alternative reporting arrangements directly with the OCS.

Monthly Sales Reporting - Guidelines and Specifications
Monthly Sales Reporting Template (MS Excel file)

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