To open a retail store and sell recreational cannabis, you must have a Retail Store Authorization. 

There are some places where you cannot open a cannabis retail store. More information about that is in the next section on Retail Store Location.

Generally, you must wait two years to apply again for a Retail Store Authorization if you:

  • applied for a new Retail Store Authorization or renewal of a Retail Store Authorization in the past but were refused, or
  • you had a Retail Store Authorization in the past but the authorization was revoked.

You are not eligible for a Retail Store Authorization for a store if:

  • you do not have a Retail Operator Licence now, or would not have a Retail Operator Licence at the time when the Retail Store Authorization would be issued.
  • you have a Retail Operator Licence that has conditions that do not allow you to apply for or receive a Retail Store Authorization for that store.
  • you have been convicted of or charged with certain offences:
    • any offence under the Cannabis Licence Act
    • certain offences under the Cannabis Control Act, 2017 and Cannabis Act (Canada) or their regulations
  • you have, or previously had, certain roles or connections with a criminal organization as defined in subsection 467.1(1) of the Criminal Code (Canada):
    • you are, or have been a member of the criminal organization
    • you are, or have been involved in the criminal organization
    • you contribute, or have contributed to, the activities of the organization.
  • you are carrying on activities that are not in compliance with certain with certain laws.
    • Certain offences under the Cannabis Control Act (CCA) and Cannabis Act (CA)
  • you hire or plan to hire someone who does not have a Cannabis Retail Manager Licence, but should have that Licence because of the work they do
  • it is not in the public interest, based on the needs and wishes of the people who live in the municipality where the proposed store would be located.
    • After you apply for a Retail Store Authorization, the Registrar will inform local residents and the municipality about the application by having a notice posted at the proposed store and on the AGCO’s website.
    • The municipality or local residents submit written submissions to the Registrar about whether the proposed store is in the public interest, as set out in regulation. The submissions must be sent within 15 calendar days after the notice is posted.
    • Relevant submissions are limited to the following matters of public interest:
      • protecting public health & safety;
      • protecting youth and restricting their access to cannabis;
      • preventing illicit activities in relation to cannabis.
  • the store, equipment and facilities do not comply with the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018, regulations, the Registrar’s Standards or requirements
  • you do not have sufficient control over the store, equipment and facilities
  • you have made a false statement or provided false information in your application

A Licensed Producer and its affiliates are eligible to apply for a single RSA. The proposed cannabis retail store must be located on or within the site set out in the federally issued production licence.

You may have conditions put on your Retail Store Authorization to address any specific risks or concerns.  There are also conditions in the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 and regulation that apply to all Retail Store Authorizations.

You cannot transfer your Retail Store Authorization to another person or business.

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