Procaine list

If you give a horse Procaine, you have to tell the authorities in accordance with the rules of Thoroughbred Racing set by the AGCO. The horse will stay on this list for at least 21 days after the last time it was given this medication.

Horses administered Procaine Penicillin must be declared as per AGCO Standardbred Rule 22.39 and Thoroughbred Rule 6.42. Horses will be placed on the list for 60 days from the date of the most recent reported administration of Procaine Penicillin. The addition or removal of a horse from this list does not relieve trainer responsibility for a positive test, or the requirement to continue to advise the Test Inspector, no later than ½ an hour, before the post time of each race in which the horse is entered.

Last updated 2024-07-18 6:01 am
Horse Name Horse Breed Date On Eligible Date Off
APRIL DUFORD Standardbred
Arashi Thoroughbred
Pacenza Thoroughbred