Chapter 2: Getting Started with iAGCO

iAGCO is the AGCO’s web-based portal through which users can access online services.

The AGCO first launched iAGCO in 2017 and has been rolling out online services for licensees ever since, with horse racing licensees joining iAGCO in March 2020. Given some of the unprecedented challenges experienced in 2020, we recognize that the transition to iAGCO will take time.

This section is intended to provide support for licensees as you transition to online services.

Before getting started in iAGCO

The first step to using iAGCO online services is to understand that the process of completing your transaction takes time. This includes both the steps you must take and the review and approval process by AGCO staff. For questions about the status of your licence or submission, or any special circumstances the AGCO should know about, please see the Race Day Contact List.

While the AGCO is committed to supporting you as you transition to iAGCO online services, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone who participates in racing in Ontario is licensed and meeting their obligations, so please start your transaction process well before the day you wish to enter to race.

The second step is to understand your current licence status.

Are you a current or past AGCO horseracing licensee?

If YES, then you already have a record in iAGCO. This means that you should

  1. Look up your licence status, which you can do without having an iAGCO account (see How to Look Up a Licence Status)
  2. Depending on when your renewal date is, you may not need to renew your licence this year (see Renewing your horse racing licence/registration)
  3. For all transactions, you will need a one-time access code to link your new account to your information already on file (see iAGCO access codes)

If NO, then you do not need an access code to proceed.

Next, you will want to be sure that you have prepared everything you need to complete your submission.

Do you have the required forms or documents to complete your transaction once you’re logged in?

  1. Some transactions require forms to be signed and uploaded, which you can do before you create your account.
  2. Some common first-time procedures that require uploaded forms such as authorizing an agent or adding a horse to the EIPH program are outlined in the section on Regulatory Submissions

Once you’ve located your file, obtained your access code and prepared the required documents, you can begin by creating your iACGO account.

Here is a how-to video that covers how to create your account:

Remember that to create your account:

  • You will need a valid email address
  • You can use any device or browser
  • If fees apply, you must provide payment to complete the transaction
  • Completing the transaction is not the end of the process. AGCO staff will review your submission and either accept it or get back to you requesting more information.

To avoid impediments to racing, we recommend you begin your submission well before the day you intend to enter to race.