New Tax Compliance Verification requirements for liquor licensees come into effect July 1, 2023

Information Bulletin

April 27, 2023

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) would like to inform liquor licensees that Regulation 746/21 under the Liquor Licence and Control Act, 2019 contains new tax compliance verification requirements.

Effective July 1, 2023, new applicants and existing licensees applying for, or renewing an AGCO liquor licence (excluding Special Occasion Permits) must complete the tax compliance verification process and obtain their tax compliance verification number through the Ministry of Finance’s Tax Compliance Verification portal.

Liquor licence applicants and licensees up for renewal are required to log onto the iAGCO online portal and:

  • Provide your tax compliance verification number with your new or renewal application
  • Attest that you:
    • Have verified your tax compliance status using the Ministry of Finance’s Tax Compliance Verification Portal
    • Are not in default of filing a return under a tax statute administered and enforced by the government of Ontario, or of paying any tax, penalty or interest assessed under any such statute for which payment arrangements have not been made


  • do not have a business number with the Canada Revenue Agency


  • are not in default of filing a return under the Taxation Act, 2007, the Income Tax Act (Canada), Part IX of the Excise Tax Act (Canada) or an Act of another province or territory that imposes a tax on corporations and is administered and enforced by the Canada Revenue Agency

What You Need To Do

Don't wait until it's time to apply or renew. Confirm your tax compliance before you submit your AGCO licence application so that you have your Tax Compliance Verification number ready.

Visit the Tax Compliance Verification Portal now to get started.

Keep your Tax Compliance Verification Number handy for when it's time to renew.

Helpful Resources

To verify your tax compliance, or for more information, visit: Check your tax compliance status.  

For more information on the Ministry of Finance’s tax compliance verification portal, visit their web page, email the Ministry of Finance at or call 1-866-668-8297 (1-866-ONT-TAXS).