Submitting Your Super Jackpot Licence in iAGCO

  1. Login to iAGCO. Click Start a New Application under New Applications.

  1. Select Charitable Gaming Lottery Licences in the next window and click Next.


  • You can apply for charitable and social gaming-related licences online.
  • Certain charitable gaming licences are issued by municipal and First Nations licensing authorities while others are issued by the AGCO.
    • The AGCO is responsible for regulating and overseeing licensed lottery events (such as bingo, raffles and the sale of break open tickets) conducted by eligible charitable and religious organizations to raise funds to support charitable purposes. 
    • This responsibility is shared with municipalities and First Nations with an Order-In-Council.
  • iAGCO will be used for event types which the AGCO is the licensing authority for including:
    • Lottery events with high prize values
    • Lottery events that are held in conjunction with other licenced lottery events
    • Electronic versions of lottery events (i.e. electronic raffles)
    • Lottery events with a province-wide footprint (i.e. provincial break open tickets)
    • Lottery events to be held in unorganized territories or federal lands for which there is no municipal government
    • First Nations that do not have an Order-in-Council
    • Organizations fundraising for United Way or Federated Health
  • The AGCO has issued a Lottery Licensing Policy Manual (LLPM) which is used to determine eligibility for a lottery licence and for the use of proceeds. View the LLPM for more information on the types of lottery schemes for which a licence may be issued.

Tip: Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page to easily move through and save your application. Most pages include three navigation buttons: Back, Save Draft, and Next.

  • Back - Navigate back to the previous page of the application.
  • Save Draft - Select this button to save the information entered up to and including that page. Note that information may be lost if you leave your application open without saving for an extended period of time.
  • Next - Proceed to the next page of the application.
  1. Choose Super Jackpot Licence as the type of application. Have the following items ready to submit your application:
    • Your organization’s Charitable Gaming Eligibility number; or
    • The file number of your organization’s Charitable Gaming Eligibility application (if it’s in process)
      • Private and Public sector places of employment applying to conduct and manage lottery events on behalf of the United Way and Federated Health do not require a Charitable Gaming Eligibility number. A letter of agreement with the United Way or Federated Health is required.
    • Game Schedule
    • Rules of Play
    • Letter of agreement with United Way or Federated Health, if applicable
    • Original Letter of Credit by mail for instances where the prize board is $10,000 or more
    • Completed and signed Signature of Principals form

Click Next to proceed.


  • This Super Jackpot Licence application permits an organization that is eligible for lottery licensing to conduct and manage Super Jackpot events.
  • A Super Jackpot event is a separately licensed bingo game that is part of a regular bingo event.
  • Only the AGCO may issue a licence for a Super Jackpot event.
  1. On the New Application – Super Jackpot Licence – Lottery Licence page, ensure your personal contact information is correct and up-to-date. Then select the person or entity applying for this licence, permit, authorization and/or registration.

  1. Enter your new applicant and contact information details as needed. Ensure to complete all fields marked with a red asterisk. Click Next to proceed.


  • Click Save Draft and then select My Profile in the top right corner of your screen if you need to update your contact details.
  • The list of possible legal entities an organization may be if conducting a lottery event to raise money for the United Way or Federated Health is one of the following:
    • Association
    • Corporation
    • Partnership
    • Limited partnership
    • Sole Proprietor
    • Federal Government
    • Municipality
    • Provincial Government
    • Agricultural Society
    • Estate/ Trust
    • First Nations
    • Non-Profit
    • Religious Organization
    • Community Group
  • The list of possible legal entities the organization may be if not conducting a lottery event for the United Way or Federated Health is one of the following:
    • Association
    • First Nations
    • Non-Profit
    • Religious Organization
    • Agricultural Society
    • Community Group
    • Individual
  1. Select your Premise Type from the drop-down menu and complete the required fields. Then click Next to proceed.


  • Click the checkbox beside Use My Information to automatically fill in your contact details with information you already provided.
  1. On the Charitable Gaming Eligibility page, answer Yes or No to this question: Is the applicant a private or public sector place of employment applying to fundraise on behalf of either the United Way or Federated Health campaigns?


  • If No is selected, you will need to provide a Charitable Gaming Eligibility Number or Application File Number before you can proceed to the next step.
  1. On the Designated Members in Charge page, provide the names and contact information for at least two bona fide members of your organization who will be responsible for the conduct of the lottery event.


  • In the case of a Hall Charity Association, provide the name and contact information for the Association's President. Additional contacts are optional.
  1. In the Lottery Details section on the same page, provide the prize values as follows:
    • Main Prize is to be awarded to the person or persons achieving a full-card bingo in the stipulated number of calls.
    • Consolation Prize is to be awarded to the person or persons achieving a full-card bingo in more than the stipulated number of calls.
    • Line Prize Value is the total value of all line prizes to be awarded.

  1. On the Lottery Event Date(s) page, provide the days and start times of your planned bingo events.

  1. Answer Yes or No to the questions on the following screen. Also provide additional details in text boxes, as required.

  1. On the Documents to Attach screen, upload Required Documents as instructed. Click Upload File to attach files. Click Next to proceed.


  • Other documents may be provided at any time during the application process. Documents may be submitted in image formats.
  • Ensure to select the Document Type for each file once uploaded and attached to your application. A green check mark box will appear beside each document type once selected.
  1. If there are any errors or missing information, you will be instructed to fix each one on the Errors on Application page. Click Fix next to each error to correct or provide the required information.

    If there are no remaining errors, you will see Fees and a Declaration. Carefully review the declaration and check the box to declare that all information provided in the application is true and correct.

    You can pay the fees and submit your application now by clicking Pay Fees and Submit Application. You also have the option to pay later (along with other applications) by selecting Add to Shopping Cart.

  1. Click Complete Payment Process to finalize the application process. Before proceeding, it’s recommended to screenshot or print a copy of this webpage to keep for your records.


  • For payment inquiries to your bank, please refer to the Authorization Number and Confirmation Code on your payment receipt.
  • For payment inquires to the Ministry, please refer to the payment Session ID on your payment receipt.
  • You may be required to submit a Regulatory Submission post your Charitable Gaming event. There are two types of Regulatory Submissions available through your iAGCO online account: Post-Event Reports and Incident Reports.
    • A Post-Event report records the financial outcome of your event. As a Charitable Gaming Licensee, you are required to submit this report through your iAGCO online account within the time limit specified in the terms and conditions of your licence.
    • An Incident Report can be used to notify the AGCO of an incident of non-compliance, or to report changes or issues with technology solutions that took place at your Charitable Gaming event.
    • Please see the Regulatory Submissions guide for more information.
  1. Congratulations! You’ve submitted your Super Jackpot Licence application! You will receive a confirmation email shortly with an attachment containing the information you entered in your application. An Application Summary will also be available for download within 15 minutes on the Main Menu under My Applications Under Review.

    You can also provide the AGCO with additional information and documentation if needed or withdraw your application under the My Applications Under Review section of your iAGCO account home page

We hope this guide helped you prepare for and complete your Super Jackpot Licence application in iAGCO.

If you have any questions or would like to provide comments or feedback on the application process, please contact AGCO Customer Service. Email or call 416-326-8700 or 1-800-522-2876 (toll-free in Ontario) from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.