1. Age

a. How do we ensure no one under the age of 19 is allowed in the store? Do we need to hire bouncers or is it sufficient to ID people at the counter and ask them to leave the store if they are under age?

Retailers have the flexibility to determine how to comply with s.20 of Ontario Regulation 468/18. There should be procedures in place to prevent anyone under 19 from entering, but it is up to the retailer to determine what is best for their particular location.

b. Do I need a separate pre-store room to check ID?

Retailers have the flexibility to determine how to comply with s.20 of Ontario Regulation 468/18. There should be procedures in place to prevent anyone under 19 from entering, but it is up to the retailer to determine what is best for their particular location.


2. Manager Hours

a. Does a licensed manager need to be present every day at the store?

No, there are no set hours for a retail store manager.  However, they are required to perform the following functions which requires regular attendance at a store:

  • Supervising or managing the employees of a cannabis retail store;
  • Overseeing or coordinating the sale of cannabis;
  • Managing compliance issues in relation to the sale of cannabis;
  • Having signing authority to purchase cannabis, enter into contracts or make offers of employment.


3. Criminal Charges

a. Can I hire people with criminal charges?

Licensees must ensure that all employees act in accordance with the law and demonstrate honesty and integrity. Requirements - At a minimum:

  • licensees must obtain criminal background checks from employees as part of the hiring process
  • licensees must ensure that all employees understand their obligations with respect to applicable laws, regulations, standards, and policies
  • licensees must ensure that all employees have completed any required training, including Board-approved training, prior to their first scheduled shift.


4. Display/Advertising

a. Will sealed and anchored sniff display containers be allowed in the retail space?

Sensory display containers are permitted. They must be locked, tamper-proof, and must not be able to be removed from the premises.

b. How can the product be displayed?

Retailers may choose how to display their product. All cannabis must be stored securely at all times, and be only accessible by staff. Cannabis display must also comply with Registrar’s Standard #12 (below)

Licensees must ensure that cannabis accessories are not visible from the exterior of the premises.

c. What sort of restrictions for advertising will be in place for stores?

Registrar’s Standards #21-25 cover advertising and promotion. Licensees should also be aware of the requirements under the federal Cannabis Act, 2018.

d. Can a separate entity sell ancillary items with our brand or logo outside of our store?

The sale of branded items outside an authorized store does not violate the Registrar’s Standards.

We cannot provide advice as to whether or not this is in compliance with the Cannabis Act (Canada) and its regulations. Licensees may want to seek legal advice or contact Health Canada to determine if they are compliant with the Cannabis Act (Canada).


5. Can a store be set up with vending machines?

The federal Cannabis Act prohibits selling or distributing cannabis or cannabis accessories by means of a dispensing device, such as a vending machine.


6. Online Sales

a. Can an authorized store sell cannabis online through its own e-commerce platform?

Yes. Licensed cannabis retail stores may make recreational cannabis available for sale online but customers must pick up the product in store. Customers cannot purchase or pick up more than 30 grams (about one ounce) of dried cannabis (or equivalent) at one time.  


7. Security Requirements

a. Is there a limit on the quantity of cannabis a retailer can possess?

There is no limit on the quantity of cannabis a licensee can possess but it must be stored on the premises of the authorized store.

b. Are there specific security requirements for a store?

Section 2 of the Registrar’s Standards covers security requirements for a store, including surveillance systems, secure storage, and secure access to the premises.

c. Will there be a recommended Point of Sale (POS) and/or inventory management software or will it be up to the applicant to select?

POS and/or inventory management software is up to the discretion of the licensee provided it meets specific criteria. POS systems must be certified by a recognized industry certification body or organization (e.g., PCI, ISO) and have logging capability for the purpose of monitoring all systems access and system changes.


8. Delivery

a. Will the AGCO licence cannabis delivery services?

No.  There will not be a cannabis delivery licence.

b. Who will handle transportation of orders from the OCS to retail stores?

The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC) will handle delivery of product to cannabis retail stores.


9. Hiring & Training

a. When will the training program be available? Is there a fee for the training?

CannSell will be available online 24/7 as of February 25, 2019. The cost for the training is $64.99 + HST

b. Will the training be online or in a classroom setting?

The training will be available online.

c. If an applicant is a corporation with one or more directors, do the directors of the corporation have to obtain a retail store manager’s licence before hiring a retail manager and/or other staff?

Yes, a retail store manager’s licence is required by one of the directors before hiring retail managers or other staff.


10. Can I have educational seminars in the store about cannabis?

It will be up to the retail operator to determine what additional educational information they want to provide to customers. 

Under the Registrar’s Standards for Cannabis Retail Stores, licensees must ensure that information related to the responsible use of cannabis is made available to patrons. Minimum requirements include licensees making the Health Canada Consumer Information – Cannabis document available to patrons.  The Registrar may also prescribe other information related to responsible use.


11. Sellable Products

a. Will retail stores be able to sell products such as edibles, topicals, and extracts?  

Yes, AGCO authorized retail stores may sell edibles, topical, and extracts. All products must be purchased by the retailer from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

b. Will stores be able to sell medicinal products that are currently offered to medical patients?

No. An Authorized Cannabis Retail Store may sell recreational cannabis.

c. What items can be sold in an authorized cannabis retail store?

AGCO authorized cannabis retail stores may sell:

  • cannabis accessories within the meaning of subsection 2 (1) of the Cannabis Act (Canada)
  • shopping bags
  • any item other than a cannabis accessory that relates in some direct way to cannabis or its use, such as an item that depicts cannabis or its use or that is wholly or partly cannabis-themed, but not including any food or drink that is not cannabis.


12. How do we get the Provincial Seal for our store? Will the AGCO be providing this?

As described in Ontario Regulation 468/18, operators of cannabis retail stores authorized by the AGCO must print and display the Provincial Retail Seal in a place that is visible from the exterior of the public entrance to the cannabis retail store. The retail seal must be at least 17 centimetres in width at its widest point by 20 centimetres in length. Either the French version, the English version or both versions of the cannabis retail seal may be displayed.

Once the AGCO has approved and issued a Retail Store Authorization, it will give the applicant access to downloadable versions of the seal in various file formats. The image cannot be altered in any way.


13. If a customer orders and purchases cannabis online, is standard 8.1(2)(c) of the Registrar’s Standards for Cannabis Retail Stores satisfied if the licensee maintains a record of which employee distributed the cannabis to the customer at the authorized retail store?

When cannabis is purchased online using an ecommerce solution, standard 8.1(2)(c) could be satisfied by maintaining a record of the in-store distribution, traceable to the employee level.

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