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As part of its modernization efforts, the AGCO is undertaking an effort to modernize numerous processes in its regulation of horse racing in Ontario. What follows is an overview of current changes taking place.

On March 2, 2020, the AGCO launched iAGCO online services for Ontario horse racing licensees. Providing an easy, convenient way to apply for, change and renew horse racing-related licenses and registrations anytime from anywhere, the iAGCO online portal is available at

iAGCO Online Services

The AGCO’s roll out of iAGCO online services is part of its ongoing efforts to provide a modern, quality, customer service experience. iAGCO online services are already available for AGCO alcohol-related transactions, public inquiries and complaints, lottery and gaming registrants, and cannabis licensees. Applicants who have used iAGCO have been overwhelmingly satisfied with its ease of use and functionality, with a 93% satisfaction rate. For more information on iAGCO services, see iAGCO Information.

Rules of Racing

With the launch of iAGCO online services for horse racing licensees, the AGCO has revised the Rules of Thoroughbred Racing and the Rules of Standardbred Racing to reduce regulatory burden and harmonize processes between breeds where appropriate. For more information about the revisions, see Information Bulletin No. 76 – Thoroughbred iAGCO Rule Revisions and Information Bulletin No. 77 – Standardbred iAGCO Rule Revisions.

Moving Ahead: Horse Racing Regulatory Reform and Engagement

The AGCO continues to identify and move forward on common-sense reforms to the regulatory rules that govern horse racing as part of its Moving Ahead: Horse Racing Regulatory Reform and Engagement initiative. Recent process changes include:

  • Changes to the Registration of Racing Colours & Temporary Waiver of Fees for the Registration of Thoroughbred & Quarter Horse Racing Colours
  • Digital Tattoos: Effective January 1, 2020, all Thoroughbred horses that have not previously been lip tattooed with Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TRPB) must have a Digital Tattoo for race day identification.
  • Race Reports: To provide more transparency to the industry and betting public, the AGCO will be expanding its Race Reports to include more detailed information about track conditions and scratched and claimed horses. This includes standardized layout across horse breeds. Race Reports will continue to be published on the AGCO website and on the Standardbred Canada and select Racetrack websites.

The AGCO will continue to move forward on reforms and will keep the industry apprised of process changes.

Helpful Resources

With the launch of iAGCO services, horse racing licensees can refer to the following list of helpful resources available on the AGCO website. These resources are designed to keep licensees informed of iAGCO updates and help them navigate the iAGCO online services portal.

Horse Racing Resources

Industry Notices

Application Guides


Information Bulletins

Information Card


Rules of Racing revisions

Tip Sheets



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