As of October 26, 2020, organizations seeking charitable gaming licences from the AGCO or with active AGCO charitable gaming licences must conduct all their AGCO-related transactions online through the iAGCO web-based portal.

To help you navigate what’s news in iAGCO for charitable lottery licensees, below you will find information on:

  1. Post-event reports by making a Regulatory Submission
  2. Break Open Ticket unique identifiers
  3. Licence updates - Bazaar Licences and Blanket Raffle Licenses
  4. New licence names
    1. Bingo Hall Charity Association Licence
    2. Bingo Event Licence
    3. Special Occasion Gaming Licence
  5. Sample forms
  6. Reduction in documentation requested
  7. Searching for Gaming Supplier Registration Numbers in iAGCO
  8. Lottery Trust account information 
  9. iAGCO Submission Guides

You can also refer to the Information Bulletin – AGCO launches online services for charitable lottery licensing for additional details on changes and new options available for charitable lottery licensees.


1. Post-Event Reports by Making a Regulatory Submission

Using iAGCO online services, you will now submit your Post-Event Report by making a Regulatory Submission.

To make a Post-Event Report Regulatory Submission:

  • Log into your iAGCO account to view Main Menu Options
  • On the Main Menu, under Additional Options select Submit Regulatory Submissions and Notifications
  • Select the report you wish to submit and follow the prompts to complete the submission.

Note: Organizations that have an active AGCO charitable gaming licence, or one that has expired within the last two years, will need to obtain a one-time access code to link their iAGCO account to information already on file with the AGCO. Refer to “Access Codes” on the Welcome to iAGCO webpage for details.

As a Charitable Gaming Licensee, you are required to submit a Post-Event Report Regulatory Submission online through your iAGCO account within the time limit specified in the terms and conditions of your licence.

When making a Post-Event Report Regulatory Submission, you may be required to:

  • Upload supporting documentation
  • Provide annual financial reports
  • Answer additional questions
  • Pay fees calculated based on the event results you provided

To make a Post-Event Regulatory Submission:

  • Log into your iAGCO account to view Main Menu options
  • On the Main Menu, under Additional Options select Regulatory Submissions and Notifications
  • Select the report you are submitting and follow the prompts to complete the submission

Payment of licence fees, where applicable, must be done online in the iAGCO portal with your Post-Event Report Regulatory Submission.

For more information on how to make a Post-Event Report Regulatory Submission, watch the AGCO’s Regulatory Submissions: Post Event Reports video .

Please note at 1:34 in the video there is a reference to click on a link on iAGCO, Regulatory Submissions and Notifications, that link is now Submit Regulatory Submissions and Notifications.

2. Break Open Ticket Unique Identifiers

With the launch of online services, the unique identifier on the Break Open Ticket (BOT) is now being issued through iAGCO. You must continue to inform manufacturers of the licence number to be printed on tickets. However, when providing the unique identifier to BOT suppliers, licensees only need to provide the last four digits of their BOT licence number along with the incremental number appended by the system (i.e. 1234-001, 1234-002).


3. Licence Update - Bazaar Licences and Blanket Raffle Licences

With the launch of iAGCO online services, the AGCO no longer issues Bazaar licences or Blanket Raffle licences. Organizations seeking to run such events who cannot be licensed by a municipality may instead apply to the AGCO for a combination of Bingo Event, Raffle or Social Occasion Gaming licences, depending on their requirements.


4. New Licence Names

You may have noticed that the names of some licences have changed. This update has been done to better describe the nature of the licence.

5a) Bingo Hall Charity Association Licence

The AGCO application form for bingo events at bingo halls (Charitable Gaming Events), previously known as a Charitable Gaming (Bingo Hall) Licence is now called a Bingo Hall Charity Association Licence.

5b) Bingo Event Licence 

The licence types for bingo lotteries, which previously included Regular Bingo, Table Board, Special (Monster) Bingo, Merchandise bingo and Media Bingo, are now amalgamated and designated as a Bingo Event Licence.

5c) Special Occasion Gaming Licence 

The Social Gaming Event Licence is now known as a Special Occasion Gaming Licence.


5. Sample Forms

Sample forms are fillable PDFs that are available on iAGCO, as part of your licence application, amendment or regulatory submission. Every new application requires at least one form that requires signatures. Forms must be signed and uploaded with your application, amendment or regulatory submission. Digital signatures are now accepted.

Sample forms will be available for download on the AGCO website any time iAGCO is unavailable (e.g. due to a technical outage).


6. Reduction in documentation requested  

The number of documents required to assess eligibility has been reduced, and vendor contracts and municipal notification letters are no longer required to be provided with lottery licence applications. Note that some exceptions may apply and vendor contracts, municipal notification letters and other relevant information may be requested by the AGCO at any time.


7. Searching for Gaming Supplier Registration Numbers in iAGCO  

You are now able to search online for a gaming supplier registration number in iAGCO. Follow the steps below to conduct a search in iAGCO. You do not need an iAGCO account or access code to do so.

8a) Go online to the iAGCO portal at

8b) Scroll down to Search for Licences/Permits/Authorizations/Registrations on the home page

8c) Click Search


8. Lottery Trust Account Information 

You must have a Lottery Trust Account and provide balances in your Post-Event Reports but you are no longer required to provide your Lottery Trust Account information, such as financial institution or account number, unless requested by the AGCO.

9. iAGCO Submission Guides

View the relevant submission guide for information and screenshots to assist you in applying for AGCO licences through iAGCO.

  1. Bingo Event Licence iAGCO Submission Guide
  2. Bingo Hall Charities Association Licence iAGCO Submission Guide
  3. Break Open Ticket Licence iAGCO Submission Guide
  4. Submitting Your Charitable Gaming Eligibility (CGE) Application in iAGCO
  5. Fair or Exhibition Gaming Event Licence iAGCO Submission Guide
  6. Loonie Progressive Licence iAGCO Submission Guide
  7. Progressive Bingo Licence iAGCO Submission Guide
  8. Provincial Break Open Ticket Licence iAGCO Submission Guide
  9. Raffle Licence iAGCO Submission Guide
  10. Super Jackpot Licence iAGCO Submission Guide
  11. Regulatory Submissions iAGCO Guide

If you require assistance with your application, email AGCO Customer Service at or call 416-326-8700 or 1-800-522-2876 (toll-free in Ontario) Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.  

You may also submit your inquiry anytime via iAGCO.

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