The following list of registered suppliers and approved solutions is provided for informational purposes only. Charities seeking to use an electronic gaming solution in the conduct and management of a lottery scheme must satisfy themselves that:

  • any potential gaming supplier is registered
  • the solution, including the features they would like to use, is approved by the Registrar
  • the related approval terms and conditions are met

This web page was last updated on September 23, 2019.

Approved Electronic
Raffle Solutions
with Features

Registered Supplier

Canada, Ltd.
Worldwide Inc.
Canadian Bank Note
Company, Limited
Deloitte LLP
Online Sales Yes Yes Yes
In Person Sales Yes Yes Yes
Main Draw
Yes Yes Yes
Progressive (Catch the Ace) Yes
Online Only


In-person Only

Fixed Prize,
Main Draw
Yes Yes
Online Only
Fixed Prize, Early Bird Yes
Fixed Prize,
Yes Yes
Random Number Generator Yes Yes Yes Yes

For information on supplier solution registration, please visit the Supplier Solution Registration and Application page.

For information on electronic raffles licensing, please visit the Electronic Raffles page.

The list of approved electronic raffle solutions with features is available as a CSV file under an Open Government Licence.

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