1 Point of Sale Operations

The objective of the requirements in this section is to ensure functions typically performed at the POS operate in a manner that maintains technical integrity and security of Raffles.

1.1 Communications

1.1.1 The integrity and security of all Ticket transactions must be maintained during communication between POS and Backend System, and Raffle Sales Unit (RSU) and printer..

1.1.2 The RSU printer must accurately communicate all error conditions back to RSU.

1.1.3 Significant Events must be communicated from POS to the Backend System in real time or as soon as it becomes technically possible, e.g. when communication is reestablished.

1.1.4 Interruptions in communications must not negatively impact Raffle integrity or security, e.g. any Critical Game Data related to Ticket transactions, and security events must be preserved.

1.1.5 Impacted POS functions must be disabled in case of the loss of communication with the Backend System.

1.2 Issuance of Raffle Tickets

1.2.1 Complete and accurate Raffle Ticket information as set out in 2.3.1 must be clearly presented on all issued Tickets to be valid.

1.2.2 An error condition must be displayed at the POS and logged, if a Ticket is not properly issued. 

1.2.3 In case of POS shutdown by the Backend System during Ticket issuance, a valid Ticket must be issued or Cancelled/Voided, and the POS must display an explanatory message if a Ticket has been Cancelled/Voided.

1.2.4 The printer must be automatically disabled when a condition prevents proper operation of the printer. 

1.3 Applications and Data

1.3.1 The POS raffle applications must display information to uniquely identify themselves for verification purposes. Examples include their name, version, and cryptographic hash value.

1.3.2 The POS applications must provide sufficient information and messaging to instruct sellers and players, respectively how to complete the transactions of Raffle Tickets successfully.

1.3.3 It must not be possible to alter Critical Game Data or Critical Software at any time from the POS interface.
Guidance: The intent is for the Charity to conduct and manage Raffles without having any influence from POS interface.

1.3.4 POS application must be secured to prevent unauthorized access to Critical Software and Critical Game Data to ensure integrity and security of Raffle Game operations.

1.3.5 The Critical Game Data on mobile RSU devices must be protected from alterations by non-Raffle applications or corruption.

1.4 Raffle Displays

1.4.1 Raffle displays must accurately show players the Raffle Prize, and related event information, such as winning Raffle Number after a Draw.

1.4.2 Raffle Prize displays must be synchronized with the Backend System.

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