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Alcohol, Cannabis and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996
Regulations (141/01; 282/07)

Cannabis Licence Act, 2018
Regulation 468/18

Gaming Control Act, 1992
Regulation (78/12)
Regulations effective before June 1, 2012 (385/99; 197/95; 281/07; 68/94)

Liquor Licence Act
Regulations (58/00; 718/90; 719/90; 720/90; 70/09; 783/94; 389/91)

Wine Content and Labelling Act, 2000
Regulation (659/00)

Liquor Control Act
Section 3(1)b, e, f, g and 3(2)a
Ontario Regulation 232/16

Horse Racing Licence Act, 2015
Ontario Regulation 61/16

Order in Council 1413/08

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