The Liquor Licence and Control Act (LLCA) includes changes to liquor licence types and certificates that will be reflected in a new, flexible liquor licence structure.

AGCO licence, permit and authorization holders do not need to take any action before their scheduled renewal date. All current licences, permits, authorizations and endorsements will transition to the framework under the LLCA.  

Your fees do not change. The amounts remain the same and will be linked to the new licence structure. 

The licence structure under the LLCA is outlined in the table below: 

Licence/Permit Category* Licence/Permit Class (if applicable)
Core activities permitted would exist under each licence/permit class OR category.
Secondary/additional activities
Manufacturer’s Licence
  • Winery Licence
  • Brewery Licence
  • Distillery Licence
  • By-The-Glass
  • Retail Store
  • Temporary Extension (NEW - includes the ability to sell at Farmer’s Markets)
  • Delivery (NEW)
Licence to Operate a Liquor Consumption Premises
  • Liquor Sales Licence (including Tied House)
  • Mini Bar Licence (no Endorsements apply to this licence)
  • Caterer’s
  • Bring-Your-Own-Wine
  • Wine Pub
  • Brew Pub
  • Mini Bar
  • Room Service
  • Golf Course
Licence to Deliver No classes are applicable No endorsements are applicable
Licence to Operate a Retail Store
  • Beer and Cider Grocery Store Licence
  • Beer and Wine Grocery Store Licence
  • Offsite Winery Retail Store Licence
  • Brewers Retail Inc. Licence
  • Wine Boutique Sales Agent (applies to Beer & Cider Grocery Store Licence)
  • Wine Boutique (applies to Offsite Winery Retail Store Licence)
Ferment on Premises Licence

No classes are applicable 

No endorsements are applicable
Licence to Represent a Manufacturer No classes are applicable No endorsements are applicable
*Special Occasion Permits
  • Sale (includes Public, Private & Industry Promotional Events)
  • No-Sale (includes Public, Private & Industry Promotional Events)
  • Sale Tailgate
  • No Sale Tailgate
  • Auction (NEW)
No endorsements are applicable

Under this licence structure, the AGCO issues licences in six categories. Some licence categories include classes and endorsements for additional activities.

  • Applicants selecting the Manufacturer’s Licence, for example, will choose their applicable core activity from three licence types. They can also add secondary or additional activities by selecting one of four endorsements, including two new endorsements for temporary extension of a retail store and delivery activities.

Authorizations are now Licences or Endorsements or Permits

  • An Auction Authorization, for example, is now an Auction Permit.

Some Licences are now Endorsements.

  • The “By-The-Glass” licence, for example, is now an endorsement to the Manufacturer’s Licence.

The classes and prescribed special occasions for Special Occasion Permits generally remain the same.

When you submit a new application, a renewal or an amendment through the iAGCO online portal, the new information will be included on your licence, endorsement or permit certificate (as applicable).

Note: The LLCA also provides for a Licence to Operate as a Wholesaler category; however, the regulation provides that the Registrar shall not issue this licence.


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