Ontario First Nations reserve Band Councils have the option to opt-out of having authorized cannabis retail stores on their reserves. This is done by passing a Band Council Resolution and providing it to the Registrar as soon as possible. The Registrar will then list the First Nation reserves that have opted out in the table below.

A Band Council can later reverse its decision and opt-in to having an authorized cannabis retail store on its reserve. This is done by passing a Band Council Resolution amending or rescinding the first Band Council Resolution. The second Resolution must be provided to the Registrar as soon as possible. Once received, the table below will be updated accordingly.

Any First Nations reserve that does not appear in the table below may have an authorized retail store on its reserve.

If an applicant wishes to have an authorized store on a reserve that has not opted out, a retail store authorization will not be issued until the Band Council provides the Registrar with a Resolution that approves the location of the store on that reserve.

For more information on the application process for stores on First Nations Reserves, visit the Stores on First Nations Reserves page.

First Nations Reserves that have opted out


Date of Resolution

Mississaugas of Scugog Island

Opt out Jan 22, 2019

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