8.1 Licensees must ensure that the following records are maintained, retained a minimum of  three (3) years, or longer as may be required by other laws and regulations, and made available to the AGCO in accordance with the Notification Requirements or upon request [Amended: June 2022]:

  1. employee records, including names, addresses, primary job responsibilities, shift schedules, training records, CPIC records check results, and dates of employment
  2. records for all cannabis in the authorized store, including cannabis purchased directly from the OCRC and cannabis transferred from another authorized retail store operated by the Licensed Operator.  At a minimum, these records must contain information regarding:
    1. the cannabis purchased and received by the Licensee for sale in the authorized store
    2. any cannabis returned to the OCRC or Licensed Producers
    3. each sale transaction at the authorized store, online or by telephone, traceable to the employee level
    4. any cannabis that has been destroyed.  Records of any cannabis destroyed must include, at a minimum:
      1. the name and address of the authorized retail cannabis store
      2. the time and date of the destruction
      3. the name of the individual conducting the destruction, if being carried out by the licensee, or the company, if being contracted to a third party 
      4. a certificate of destruction, if destruction is carried out by a third party
      5. the product category and SKU
      6. the amount of product
      7. the reason for the destruction of the cannabis product
      8. the method of destruction.
  3. records required to enable the licensee to participate in any national cannabis tracking system established under section 81 of the federal Cannabis Act
  4. records that may be required to support a cannabis product recall
  5. records demonstrating that the Licensee is complying with sections 7 and 8 of the Cannabis Control Act, 2017, which prohibit sales to persons under 19 years of age and persons who are or appear to be intoxicated.
  6. licensees must maintain records of the cannabis used for display purposes.  These records must account for the product after it is no longer on display.
  7. Licensees must ensure that the Monthly Federal Report and Monthly Sales Report are complete and made available to the AGCO in accordance with the Notification Requirements. [Amended: Dec, 2019]
  8. Records of the name and address of purchaser and residential address where any cannabis is delivered. [Amended: March 2022]
  9. Records of the specific authorized store(s) a licensed Retail Manager is accountable for. [New: March, 2021]
  10. When entering into any agreement or accepting any item, benefit or service pursuant to Standard 6.5, a licensee shall maintain the following records [New: June 2022]: 
    1. Copy of the complete agreement 
    2. Description of the item, benefit or service 
    3. Date of receipt of item, benefit or service 
    4. Name of licensed producer and representative and 
    5. Fair market value of the item, benefit or service 

8.2 Licensees must complete full physical inventory counts of all cannabis on a monthly basis at a minimum or upon the request of AGCO.

A log of the inventory results must be maintained and all discrepancies must be reported to the AGCO in accordance with the Notification Matrix and made available to the AGCO upon request.

8.3 Licensees must ensure that there are reasonable safeguards around data security and protection of data integrity, including point of sales systems and e-commerce systems.

8.4 Point of Sales systems and e-commerce systems must be certified by a recognized industry certification body or organization (e.g. PCIISO) and have logging capability for the purposes of monitoring all system access and system changes.

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