Appendix A – Licence Type Reference Guide

Feed & Supply Companies Licence Type
Company Tradesperson - Employer
Delivery Tradesperson - Employee
Employee Tradesperson - Employee
Sales Representative Tradesperson - Employee
Tack Shop Tradesperson - Employee
Veterinary Supplies Tradesperson - Employee
Waster Removal Tradesperson - Employee


Industry Licence Type
Bloodstock Agent Tradesperson - Employer
LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society Representatives Tradesperson - Employer


Racetrack Employees Licence Type
Backstretch Kitchen Staff Occupational
Contractor Occupational
Entry Clerk Association Official
Maintenance (Community Service Volunteer) Occupational
Outrider Association Official
Silk Maker (incl. Assistants) Association Official
Tattoo Person Association Official
Tote - Staff Occupational
Vet Tech - Racing Forensics Staff Association Official
WEG Driver Occupational


Veterinarians Licence Type
Equine Chiropractor Tradesperson - Employer
Equine Dentist Tradesperson - Employer
Equine Massage Therapist Tradesperson - Employer
Registered Veterinarian Technician Tradesperson - Employee
Veterinarian Assistant Tradesperson - Employee


Trades Licence Type
Apprentice Assistant Trainer (QH Only) Assistant Trainer
Apprentice Blacksmith Tradesperson 
Assistant Blacksmith Tradesperson
Assistant Farm Manager Stable Manager
Blacksmith Tradesperson - Employer
Blanket Repair Tradesperson - Employer
Blanket Repair Assistant Tradesperson 
Chaplain Tradesperson - Employer
Farm Manager Stable Manager
Pony-Barn Manager Stable Manager
QH Pony Person Exercise Person
Van Driver  (aka Horse Transport) Tradesperson - Employer


Media Licence Type
Freelance Tradesperson - Employer
Industry Publications Tradesperson - Employee
Newspaper/Magazine Tradesperson - Employee
OnTrack Association Official
Photo Finish Association Official
Photographer Tradesperson - Employer
WEG Media/Broadcasting Association Official


Association Officials Licence Type
Ambulance Driver Association Official
Paramedic Association Official


The following individuals will not be issued licences, but should register with Racetrack security as a Guest:

  • Barrister & Solicitor
  • Insurance consultant - Classic Equine
  • Horsemen’s Benevolent Protective Association of Ontario (HBPA) Staff
  • HBPA Retiree
  • Jockey Club of Canada Representatives