(7) Conduct and management of the event

These terms (in addition to Sections 1-4) are specific only to Break Open Ticket types under Section B of the Schedule of Approved Break Open Ticket Types and Associated Expense Maximums.

Sections 7 and 8 align with the Registrar’s expectations for a standards and outcomes-based approach. The objective of a standards-based approach is to shift the focus from requiring licensees to comply with a specific set of rules or processes, which tend to be prescriptive in nature, towards the broader regulatory outcomes they are expected to achieve. This allows licensees to have the flexibility to determine what works best for their business, while being responsible for the overall conduct and management of the event.  

(7) Conduct and management of the event

7.1 Licensees are responsible for the overall conduct and management of the event.

7.2 Licensees may acquire assistance from a Gaming Related Supplier for operational services in relation to the event, which may include:

  1. Finding registered Sellers;
  2. Ordering and paying for the tickets;
  3. Negotiating and paying the Seller’s commission;
  4. Reconciling boxes, tickets, sales, and performing calculations on behalf of the licensee; and
  5. Providing reports along with supporting data.

7.3 Licensees are responsible for:

  1. Obtaining and paying for the licence;
  2. Acquiring services of a supplier (if they so choose) who may perform some operational services on behalf of the charity; 
  3. Providing input into which retailers sell their break open tickets; 
  4. Ensuring that break open tickets are kept secure;
  5. Ensuring that tickets and proceeds are reconciled;
  6. Ensuring the payment of all prizes;  
  7. Ensuring that Gaming Related Suppliers and related invoices are paid in a timely manner and according to the Revenue Split Model;
  8. Ensuring that records are maintained, and made available in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the Registrar’s policies and requirements;
  9. Ensuring that net proceeds are used only for the charitable purposes approved on the lottery licence.