Performance Measures

Performance measurement is an important practice as a regulator, as it allows the agency to ensure it is meeting objectives and using its resources effectively. Measuring performance enables the AGCO to provide excellent service to its stakeholders, cultivate a highly engaged workforce, and improve program effectiveness. It does this by setting targets, assessing data and evaluating the results.

Strong performance measurement and monitoring practices also provide a mechanism through which achievements may be recognized and improvements can be made to their activities and services. Through continuous evaluation and feedback, the AGCO is able to achieve the key objectives that are identified in the Strategic Plan.

The results from these measures, shown in the table below, demonstrate that in 2020-21, while the AGCO was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has successfully met or surpassed minimum agency targets in many respects. The achievement of these measures results from a number of overarching projects and initiatives at the AGCO, including:

  • the final phase of the roll-out of iAGCO1
  • a continued focus on stakeholder engagement and an enhanced approach to stakeholder education
  • a modern regulatory approach that is risk-based, outcomes-based and compliance-focused, and
  • the introduction of numerous services to support a rewarding workplace for employees.

The AGCO is committed to improving agency-wide performance measures. To meet this commitment, the AGCO has created a new Business Optimization and Insights unit, which will continue to engage in multi- year goal setting and a refinement of its approach to linking resource planning and performance measurement. The goal is to develop a robust performance measurement framework at the AGCO to support transparency, accountability and regulatory compliance.

1 iAGCO Phases

  • Phase 1: May 2017 for SOP applications and liquor manufacturers’ licensing
  • Phase 2: January 2018 for all liquor licences, and online submission of complaints and inquiries
  • Phase 3: November 2018 for lottery and gaming licences and January 14, 2019, for cannabis licenses; and
  • Phase 4(A): March 2020 for horse racing licences
  • Phase 4(B): October 2020 for charitable lottery licences; for electronic gaming supplier transactions