In the Spring of 2016, the AGCO launched Moving Ahead: Horse Racing Regulation in Ontario, a project directed at identifying and moving forward on common-sense reforms to the regulatory rules that govern horse racing. The AGCO is committed to ensuring integrity, safety and public interest in horse racing, while also taking steps to reduce the administrative burden on industry participants, and contribute to the government’s ongoing effort to support the commercial sustainability of horse racing.

The AGCO is actively consulting with the horse racing industry as part of this initiative, and we are committed to keeping industry informed on the status of the project. Please continue to check this page for regular updates and information related to the ACGO Racing Reform Project.


Race Reports and Twitter Pilot

Documents and Publications

Communications to the Industry

Project Timeline


  • Outreach to industry associations (meetings and calls) to inform them that the AGCO would be releasing a public consultation paper.
  • Launch of Moving Ahead: Horse Racing Regulation in Ontario. The Moving Ahead consultation paper was widely distributed across the industry. The paper was shared electronically with AGCO contacts; was made available at racetracks; was posted on the AGCO website, the Government of Ontario’s Regulatory Registry and was advertised on the Standardbred Canada website.


  • AGCO Racing Officials regularly promoted the consultation and AGCO policy staff visited racetracks across the province to answer questions and create awareness of the consultation paper.
  • As of the August 26 submission deadline, 64 submissions were received in addition to 57 comments (received in person or in writing).

FALL 2016

  • AGCO analysis of consultation feedback.
  • Launch of industry roundtable discussions to further discuss proposals for reform and implementation details on a more in-depth basis. Over 15 Roundtable consultations were  held with industry and stakeholders.


  • Wrap-up of roundtable consultations.
  • Release of Findings Report (February)
  • Release of 5 Rule changes and some initial series of policy reforms (March)
  • Announcement and call for members for three industry Working Groups: Officiating; Equine Drug Program and Health and Safety (February)


  • Twitter and Race Reports Pilot commenced at The Raceway at Western Fair (April)
  • First issue of Race Line newsletter released (April)
  • Announcement of membership of industry Working Groups (May)
  • First meetings of Officiating and Equine Drug Program Working Groups (May)
  • Twitter and Race Reports Pilot continue at Mohawk Racetrack (June)


  • Officiating and Equine Drug Program Working Group meetings (July/August )
  • Second issue of Race Line newsletter released (July)

FALL 2017

  • Release of Officiating Working Group Summary Report (September)
  • Health and Safety Working Group commences
  • Third issue of Race Line newsletter released (October)