Bingo Event ticket game means a break open ticket game in which a winner is determined by matching a bingo ball symbol or symbols on a break open ticket with a specified number or numbers drawn during the course of a licensed Bingo Event conducted and managed in accordance with the terms and conditions. Bingo Event tickets are not bingo paper.

box means each separately sealed box of break open tickets within a deal or sub-deal, as shipped by the supplier.

break open ticket means a device which is made of cardboard and which has one (1) or more perforated cover window tabs behind which are winning and non-winning numbers or symbols that must be revealed by the tearing off of the cover tab. Seal cards and Bingo Event tickets are types of break open ticket.

break open ticket dispenser means an electrical or mechanical device used to dispense break open tickets.

break open ticket lottery means a lottery where consideration is given for a chance to win instant prizes or prizes determined by a subsequent event, by revealing a specified arrangement of numbers or symbols on a break open ticket and includes prizes carried over to a future deal or sub-deal.

break open ticket style means the combination of approved graphics and prize structure used for break open tickets. There may be multiple styles within a break open ticket type.

break open ticket type means a break open ticket characterized by the number of tickets per deal, the price per ticket and the total value of prizes per deal.

charitable gaming site means a gaming site where a charitable organization conducts and manages a lottery scheme under the authority of a licence issued by a municipality or by the Registrar.

dab means to mark bingo paper or break open tickets so that the underlying numbers or symbols are transparent to runners and can be verified. The ink used to dab bingo paper or break open tickets must be permanent except where reusable hardboard, laminated paper or plastic bingo cards are used.

deal means each separate game or series of break open tickets with the same serial number.

Gaming-Related Supplier means a person who manufactures, provides, installs, tests, maintains or repairs gaming equipment or who provides consulting or similar services directly related to the playing of a lottery scheme or the operation of a gaming site and who is registered under the Gaming Control Act, 1992.

gaming site means premises or an electronic channel maintained for the purpose of playing or operating a lottery scheme.

Operator means a person who operates a gaming site.

Progressive Bingo Event ticket game means a Bingo Event ticket game with a progressive element where prizes that are not won during one game are added to the prizes on a future deal or sub-deal.

Progressive Seal Card game means a Seal Card game with a progressive element where prizes that are not won during one game are added to the prizes on a future deal or sub-deal.

provincial break open ticket (PBOT) licence means a licence issued to an organization with a demonstrated provincial mandate authorizing the sale of break open tickets in all municipalities across the province.

seal card means a break open ticket posted at the place of sale named in the licence that is used to determine the winner of a secondary prize by opening a window or windows to reveal a number or symbol that matches a ticket held by the winning player.

Seal Card game means a break open ticket game featuring tickets that grant certain players a chance at a prize or prizes to be determined by the removal of a window from a seal card to reveal specified winning numbers or symbols.

Seller means someone who is permitted to sell break open tickets on behalf of a licensed charitable or religious organization. A Seller can be registered to sell break open tickets at one or more locations.

sub-deal means a portion of a deal of seal card game tickets or bingo event tickets. Each sub-deal in a deal must have the same serial number but be distinguished by a letter of the alphabet or additional numbers at the beginning or end of the serial number or form number.

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