Charitable Gaming Registration and Lottery Licensing Fees

Charitable Gaming registration fees are listed below and in the Fee Schedule (Gaming Registration).

Online payment options

When using online services, all payments under $30,000 must be made by Visa, MasterCard,  Interac Online, Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit. (NOTE: The Bank of Montreal, CIBC and Scotiabank no longer offer the Interac online payment service. For more information, please contact your branch or the telephone number on the back of your card. For a list of participating Financial Institutions, please see the section at the bottom of this Interac Online for Consumers web page.

Payments of $30,000 or more must be made by money wire transfer or electronic funds transfer. Please note that cheques and cash are not accepted as forms of payment when using iAGCO online services.

Please do not send cash in the mail. Harmonized Sales Tax does not apply to these fees.

In addition to the registration fee, the Registrar may require the applicant/registrant to pay the reasonable costs of an investigation.

Charitable Gaming Registration and Service Fees

Registration Class Goods and Services Supplied Annual Fee
Operator Operator of a Charitable Gaming Site (4 or more events per week) $12,000 per site
Operator of a Charitable Gaming Site (3 or less events per week) $700 per site
Seller Seller No Fee
Gaming-Related Supplier Supplier of Gaming Services and Equipment $3,000
Manufacturer of Gaming Equipment $15,000
Trade Union Trade Union $2,000
Category 1 Gaming Assistant Employee with Significant Supervisory or Decision-Making Responsibility $300
Category 2 Gaming Assistant Employee without Significant Supervisory or Decision-Making Responsibility $165

Service Fees

The following fees are payable to the Minister of Finance for services indicated:

  • Replacement certificate of registration as a supplier: $50.00
  • Replacement certificate of registration and photo identification card as a gaming assistant: $50.00
    (includes replacement certificate $25 and identification $25.00)

Charitable Gaming Lottery Licensing Fees

In accordance with Section 17 of Order in Council 1413/08, the maximum fees that may be charged for the issuance of a licence or authorization are as listed in the chart below.

Event Fee ($Cdn)
Charitable Gaming Events Conducted and Managed in a Charitable Gaming Site with 4 or more events per week or 3 or less events per week (under the Bingo Revenue Model)
  • Maximum of $165 per event (Municipal Authorization Fee)
  • 0.78% of gross wager on all lotteries (Provincial Licence Fee)
Bingo (Regular) (non-pooling bingo halls)
  • 3% of prizes
Special (Monster) Bingo (non-pooling bingo halls)
  • 3% of prizes
Super Jackpot (non-pooling bingo halls)
  • (Full Super Jackpot prize + line prizes) x the number of events x 40% x 3%
Media Bingo (non-pooling bingo halls)
  • 3% of prizes
Table Board Bingo (non-pooling bingo halls)
  • Number of sessions, multiplied by the maximum payout, multiplied by 3%
Progressive Bingo Game (non-pooling bingo halls)
  • Total number of sessions x $12
Loonie Progressive Game (non-pooling bingo halls)
  • Total number of sessions x $2
Break Open Ticket
  • 3% of prizes
Raffle Lotteries
  • 3% of prizes*
Special Occasion Gaming Event
  • $5 per blackjack table
  • $5 per wheel of fortune
  • 3% of prizes for a raffle conducted in conjunction with the Special Occasion Gaming event
Fair or Exhibition Gaming Event
  • $10 per blackjack table per day
  • $10 per wheel of fortune per day
  • $100 per merchandise bingo
Bazaar Gaming Event
  • 3% of prizes for a bingo
  • 3% of prizes for a raffle
  • $10 per wheel of fortune per day

*The licence fee for all stand-alone raffle licences issued by the Registrar is 1% of the prize board.

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