Ontario’s new internet gaming market launched on April 4, 2022. Internet gaming operators interested in participating in Ontario will first need to be registered by the AGCO

The AGCO has created an Internet Gaming Operator Application Guide to help prospective internet gaming operators understand application requirements and begin preparing for registration.

All registration applications are made through iAGCO, the AGCO’s web-based portal. 

Prospective internet gaming operators must also enter into an operating agreement with iGaming Ontario to offer their games on behalf of the Province. Visit iGaming Ontario to request a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Note: It may take up to one business day to receive a non-executable version of the NDA.

Steps To Joining the Ontario Market

Link to Steps To Joining the Ontario Market

Find out more information about steps Operators must complete with the AGCO and iGaming Ontario. Details include a brief description of each step, a list of pre-requirements, timing and contact information.


The AGCO’s Internet Gaming Suppliers Application Guide contains detailed information to assist Gaming-Related Suppliers applying for registration in Ontario’s internet gaming market.

Registration is required in Ontario for Gaming-Related Suppliers that fall into the two categories below.

Gaming-Related Supplier – Manufacturers

A person that manufactures, provides, installs, tests, maintains or repairs gaming equipment or who provides consulting or similar services directly related to the playing of a lottery scheme or the operation of a gaming site.

Gaming-Related Supplier – Other

A person that provides, installs, tests, maintains or repairs gaming equipment or who provides consulting or similar services directly related to the playing of a lottery scheme or the operation of a gaming site.

Suppliers Steps to Join Ontario’s New Internet Gaming Market

Suppliers Steps to Join Ontario's New Internet Gaming Market

Learn more about the steps Gaming-Related Suppliers must take to participate in Ontario’s internet gaming market. Details include a brief description of each step, requirements and timing information.

Additional Resources for Operators and Suppliers

  • Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming
    The Standards apply to OLG with respect to its internet gaming site, to iGaming Ontario with respect to its activities, and to all registered internet gaming Operators in Ontario. Additionally, certain Standards and Requirements also apply to registered gaming-related suppliers. 

  • Internet Gaming Go-Live Compliance Guide
    This guide describes the go-live compliance requirements as set out in the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming for internet gaming Operators and Gaming-Related Suppliers.
  • Internet Gaming Notification Matrix
    This document outlines internet gaming information, such as incident notifications and regulatory submissions, that all registered internet gaming Operators and Gaming-Related Suppliers are required to provide to the AGCO.
  • Important Information for Advertising and Marketing in Ontario’s New Igaming Market (Updated April 8, 2022)
    A collection of relevant information about the standards and requirements for advertising and promoting igaming as outlined in the Standards to ensure that our expectations for appropriate conduct are clear to those looking to enter Ontario’s igaming market.
  • Registered Independent Testing Labs
    View the list of Independent Testing Labs registered by the AGCO to test and certify key components of internet gaming systems such as games and random number generators.

  • Independent Integrity Monitors
    All operators that provide sport and event betting offerings must have their own controls in place to monitor and report unusual and suspicious betting patterns. They must also engage independent integrity monitors (IIMs), who receive, assess, and distribute unusual/suspicious betting alerts in accordance with the Registrar’s Standards. 

  • Roles of the AGCO and iGaming Ontario
    Learn the differences between the roles of AGCO and iGaming Ontario. This infographic shows and compares the mandate, governance, key activities, and focus of the AGCO and iGaming Ontario.
  • Overview of internet gaming in Ontario
    Learn about the background of internet gaming in Ontario and the entities involved in regulating and conducting and managing the new internet gaming market.
  • Internet gaming standards FAQs
    A library of commonly asked questions about how to better understand the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming.
  • iAGCO information
    Learn more about iAGCO, a web-based portal to access the AGCO’s online services.
  • Gaming Control Act, 1992 (Ontario)
    Passed in 1992 to regulate the gaming industry, the Gaming Control Act is administered by the AGCO

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