Order in Council 1413/08 gives the Registrar of Alcohol, Gaming and Racing and municipal councils the authority to issue licences to charitable or religious organizations to conduct and manage lottery schemes.

The following types of licences are available.

Charitable Gaming Event

A Charitable Gaming Event is an event at a bingo hall, where proceeds are pooled, for which a licence is issued to conduct and manage one or more lotteries, including bingo and break open tickets.

Regular and Special (Monster) Bingo

Bingo events are lottery schemes where players purchase bingo paper and win prizes by being the first to complete specified arrangements or patterns of numbers on the bingo paper from numbers selected at random.

Super Jackpot

A Super Jackpot event is a separately licensed bingo game that is part of a regular bingo event. The prize to be awarded is determined based on completing a specified pattern within a designated number of numbers drawn. The designated number increases from event to event until the prize is won.

Media Bingo

A Media Bingo is a bingo event where the numbers drawn are communicated through media such as radio or newspaper (note: internet gaming sites not eligible for licensing).

Table Board Bingo

Table Board Bingo is a lottery scheme where players purchase the Table Board card and win prizes by being the first to complete specified arrangements or patterns of numbers on the Table Board Bingo device from numbers selected at random.

Progressive Bingo Game

A Progressive Bingo Game is a separately licensed bingo game that is played in conjunction with successive licensed regular bingo events. If the progressive prize is not won at one event, it is added to the amount of the prize to be awarded at the next Progressive Bingo Game played in the bingo hall. The progressive prize is allowed to increase at each successive event until the specified limit is reached or until the progressive game is won.

Loonie Progressive Game

A Loonie Progressive Game is licensed separately from, but played in conjunction with licensed Regular Bingo Events. If the Loonie Progressive game prize is not won, it is added to the amount of the prize to be awarded at the next Loonie Progressive Game event. The Loonie Progressive prize is allowed to increase at each successive event to a maximum of $5,000 or until the prize is won.

Break Open Ticket

A Break Open Ticket is a device made of cardboard and which has perforated cover window tabs behind which are symbols revealed by tearing open the cover tab. The winning combination of symbols is specified on the back of the ticket. Break Open Tickets are also known as Nevada tickets or pull tabs.

Raffle Lottery

A Raffle Lottery is a scheme where tickets are sold for a chance to win prizes and includes 50/50 draws, elimination draws, calendar draws, electronic raffles and Catch the Ace progressive raffles .

Social Gaming

A Social Gaming event is an event where no more than a total of 20 blackjack tables and/or wheels of fortune are operated. The gaming activities must be ancillary or complementary to a social occasion. This may include a dinner or dance sponsored by an applicant, or as approved by the Registrar. The hours of the Social Gaming event must fall within the operating hours of the social occasion and cannot exceed 8 consecutive hours between the hours of 12:00 noon to 2:00 a.m.

Fair or Exhibition Gaming Event

A Fair or Exhibition Gaming Event Licence permits the conduct of a Gaming Event at a fair or exhibition that has been designated by the Registrar of Alcohol, Gaming and Racing. No more than 20 of the following games may be conducted: (a) Blackjack and/or (b) Wheel of Fortune. Merchandise Bingo may also be licensed at Fair or Exhibition.


A Bazaar is an event where any combination of the following lotteries may be conducted: a) a raffle not exceeding $500 in prizes; (b) a bingo not exceeding $500 in prizes; and (c) a maximum three wheels of fortune with a maximum $2.00 bet.

Merchandise Bingo

A Merchandise Bingo means a bingo event where the prize board consists of items of merchandise. A Merchandise Bingo event may be licensed as a Black Tie event whereby the participants play by invitation only.

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