1. Placard and Public Notice
    • The applicant posts placard at the proposed location
    • The public notice for the location will also appear on the AGCO web portal
    • Public notice begins
    • Posting period will vary from 7–28 days based on application type or circumstances and is subject to change dependent on application review
  2. Objections
    • The AGCO reviews all eligible submissions received (anonymous submissions, duplicate submissions, or those who are not residents of the community are not considered)
    • The applicant will be notified of the objections and will also be provided details of the objections
    • This gives the applicant an opportunity to work with objectors to address their concerns
  3. The Registrar
    • The Registrar can call a public meeting in which the objectors will be asked to participate and discuss their concerns with the applicant
    • The Registrar can then approve the application with or without conditions
    • If objections are not resolved -and/or if there is an objection from  the local municipality – the Registrar can issue a Notice of Proposal (NOP) to review the application.
    • A NOP to review the application can be issued to determine whether the applicant is entitled to a licence  keeping in mind the public interest and the needs and wishes of the municipality.
  4. Licence Appeal Tribunal
    • An applicant can appeal the NOP to the independent Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) who can schedule a case conference and public hearing
    • LAT can direct the Registrar to refuse the application
    • LAT can direct the Registrar to approve the application with or without conditions

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