3.01 Only eligible individuals are permitted to create a player account, and only individuals who hold a valid player account are permitted to log on to their account and gamble.

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. The following individuals are not eligible to play games on a gaming site:
    1. An individual under 19 years of age except where the individual is at least 18 years of age and is accessing the gaming site solely for the purpose of purchasing a lottery ticket;
    2. Every individual who advises the Operator that the individual is participating in a self-exclusion process that applies to the site;
    3. An individual who is known by the Operator to have been restricted from accessing the gaming site or playing a lottery scheme as a condition of a court order;
    4. Individuals who the Operator has reason to believe have been excluded from the site under subsection 3.6(1) of the GCA;
    5. Officers, members of the board of directors or partners of the Operator;
    6. Executives or staff of a trade union who represent or negotiate on behalf of employees employed at the site;
    7. Employees of registered suppliers who maintain or repair gaming equipment at the site;
    8. Members or employees of the AGCO;
    9. Officers, members of the board of directors, or employees of OLG or iGaming Ontario, unless they are within the description set out in subsection 22(6) of Ontario Regulation 78/12.
  2. Individuals described in Requirement 1 above are not eligible for prizes, with the exception of self-excluded individuals.

3.01.1 Operators shall not knowingly permit an individual to engage in any of the following prohibited activities and shall take steps to actively monitor and prevent such prohibited activity from occurring:

  • An individual with access to non-public information related to an event or an individual who may impact the outcome of an event or bet type is prohibited from betting on any event overseen by the relevant sport/event governing body.
  • Athletes, coaches, managers, owners, referees, and anyone with sufficient authority to influence the outcome of an event are prohibited from betting on events overseen by the relevant sport or event governing body.
  • Owners (any person who is a direct or indirect legal or beneficial owner of 10 percent or greater) of a sport governing body or member team are prohibited from betting on any event overseen by the sport governing body or any event in which a member team of that sport or event governing body participates.
  • Those involved in a sport or event may not be involved in compiling betting odds for the competition in which they are involved.

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Operators must make reasonable efforts to inform any entity with which they have an information sharing relationship, including independent integrity monitors, sport betting operators, the appropriate governing authority for the sport or event and any other organizations or individuals identified by the Registrar if an individual is found to have engaged in prohibited activity under Standard 3.01.1.
  2. Individuals found to have engaged in prohibited activity in Standard 3.01.1 shall not be eligible for prizes.

3.02 Games on gaming sites shall be provided only within Ontario, unless they are conducted in conjunction with the government of another province. (Also applicable to Gaming-Related Suppliers)

Requirements — At a minimum:

  1. Operators must put in place mechanisms to detect and dynamically monitor the location of a player attempting to play a game and to block unverified attempts to play a game. Player location checks subsequent to the initial location check shall occur at reasonable intervals determined by the Operator that minimize the risk of play outside of Ontario. Depending on the location of the player/device, longer or shorter periods may be justified. 
  2. Operators must put in place mechanisms to detect software, programs, virtualization and other programs capable of circumventing player location detection.

Note:  If a lottery scheme is being provided in conjunction with another province, individuals in that province may be permitted to be on the gaming site.

3.03 If the list of prohibited and excluded individuals changes, all registered player information shall be re-verified to ensure that all registered players are still eligible to play, and if they are not eligible, they are prohibited from gaming. The accuracy of the list maintained by the Operator should be periodically reviewed by the Operator.

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