[Amended: February, 2022]

Regulatory Risks

Risk Theme Regulatory Risk
Entity Level
  • Lack of appreciation and understanding of critical elements of a risk based control environment
  • Lack of defined Board mandate and independent oversight of management
  • No mechanism for reporting wrong doing
  • Inadequately documented management policies and procedures to define and align accountability skills and competence
  • Lack of understanding about expected ethical behavior
  • Lack of transparency in decision making
  • Individual knowingly fails to comply
Responsible Gambling
  • Inappropriate advertising practices targets minors
  • Advertising is false and misleadingly deceptive to attract the public
  • Advertising deemed to promote excessive play
  • Players allowed to play excessively
  • Responsible gaming controls not designed into environment and product
  • Players are unaware of risks to problem gambling and options to selfcontrol
Prohibiting Access to Designated Groups
  • Individuals prohibited from games of chance have access
  • Selling product outside jurisdiction
Ensuring Game Integrity and Player Awareness
  • Inability to regulate all components
  • Related parties winning at a higher relative percentage than the public
  • Players have insufficient information to make an informed choice
  • Game and system design lack integrity
  • Game procedures are not followed
  • Game and systems fail
  • Compromising betting markets through activities such as insider betting or game manipulation 

Public Safety and Protection of Assets
  • People are not safe
  • Assets and customer information are not safe-guarded
  • Unauthorized individuals have access to prohibited areas
Minimizing Unlawful Activity Related to Gaming
  • Gaming used as a vehicle for money laundering
  • Gaming used as a vehicle for fraud or theft
  • Internal theft is occurring
  • Cheat at play materializes within the gaming environment