Strategic Direction

The AGCO has developed a Strategic Plan to support its role as an effective and modern regulator through an increasingly complex operating environment. The Plan acts as a blueprint to help the AGCO address the regulatory challenges and opportunities within the liquor, gaming, horse racing and cannabis retail sectors.

The AGCO Strategic Plan identifies the following five strategic goals:

  1. Modern Regulator
  2. Value for Money
  3. Strategic Engagement
  4. Quality Service Experience
  5. Rewarding Workplace

This diagram displays the AGCO's vision, mandate and five strategic goals.

Strategic Goals and Planning Themes

Vision:  A leader in the alcohol, gaming, horse racing and private cannabis retail sectors through effective regulation and services that are fair, responsive and in the broader public interest.

Mandate:  To regulate the alcohol, gaming, horse racing and private cannabis retail sectors in accordance with the principles of honesty and integrity, and in the public interest.

Modern Regulator

  • Strategy driven organization   |   Risk and outcomes-based
  • Regulatory assurance strategy   |   Compliance-focused
    • Data and intelligence used
    • Effectiveness as a regulator demonstrated

Value for Money

  • Modern, integrated and streamlined organization
  • Accountable:
    • Clear board governance role
    • Robust performance measurement
    • Financially sustainable
  • Robust IT infrastructure

Strategic Engagement

  • Meaningful engagement to understand stakeholder perspectives and inform policies and programs
  • Strong and valued partnerships and alliances to improve regulatory outcomes 

Quality Service Experience

  • Strong service culture   |   Effective use of technology
    • Service experience is benchmarked and measured
    • Continuous improvement encouraged
    • Modern, responsive, streamlined service delivery approaches and channels

Rewarding Workplace

  • Top Employer
  • A diverse and inclusive workplace and workforce
  • Leadership, management, and professional skills are developed
  • Increased workforce mobility and flexibility

​The AGCO’s strategic goals are aligned with and support the achievement of key government objectives for enhanced accountability, efficiency and value for money in the delivery of public services. The goals also support evidence-based decision-making and policy development, and focus on minimizing the administrative burden, where possible, on those regulated by the AGCO. During 2018-2019, the AGCO made measurable progress towards achieving its strategic goals.