Bingo is a game of chance where players are awarded a prize or prizes for being the first to complete a specified arrangement of numbers on bingo paper, based on numbers selected at random.

This chapter contains the policies and procedures for licensing bingo events conducted anywhere other than in pooling bingo halls. (For information on bingo and other charitable gaming events conducted in pooling bingo halls, please refer to Chapter 10: “Bingo—In Pooling Bingo Halls.”)

The Registrar issues certain types of bingo licences and municipalities issue others. Currently, the following types of bingo events may be licensed in Ontario:

  • Regular Bingo
  • Super Jackpot Bingo
  • Special Bingo
  • Merchandise Bingo
  • Media Bingo
  • Decision Bingo
  • Table Board Bingo
  • Progressive Bingo.

The above list is subject to change.

If a municipal official receives an application for a bingo game that he or she is not familiar with, the official must first ensure that the bingo game in question is one which is currently approved for licensing by the Registrar before issuing a licence.


9.1.1 (A) Provincial licensing authority

The Order-in-Council gives the Registrar sole authority to issue lottery licences allowing eligible organizations to conduct and manage:

  • bingo events conducted in conjunction with other licensed lottery events;
  • bingo events with prize boards over $5,500;
  • bingo events conducted in an unorganized territory, on Crown lands or in some First Nations communities; and
  • bingo events where a prize or prizes not awarded at one event may be added to the amount of the prize to be awarded at a subsequent event or events.

9.1.1 (B) Municipal licensing authority

The Order-in-Council authorizes municipalities to issue licences permitting eligible organizations to conduct Regular Bingo games with maximum prize boards of up to $5,500.


The Registrar has established criteria and procedures for opening, upgrading, relocating and reopening bingo halls

9.1.2 (A) Bingo locations that must be registered

The Gaming Control Act, 1992, governs the registration of Operators of bingo halls, which include:

  • charitable gaming sites where four (4) or more bingo events are conducted in any seven-day period (formerly Class A and Class B bingo halls).
  • charitable gaming sites where no more than three (3) events are conducted in any seven-day period (formerly Class C bingo halls).


Licensees that rent out their premises and/or equipment to another licensee may require registration as prescribed by Regulation.

9.1.3 (B) Bingo locations exempt from registration

Registration is not required in the following circumstances:

  1. An operator of a bingo hall does not require registration if no more than one bingo event is conducted in the hall during any seven-day period.
  2. Licensees that conduct bingo events in their own premises, either owned or rented, do not require registration, provided that they meet the requirements prescribed by Regulation.