A Hall Charities Association (HCA) is an association formed by the individual charitable organizations conducting Regular Bingo events at a bingo hall. All charitable organizations using bingo halls where four or more events are held within a seven-day period must form a HCA. (See Chapter 10: Bingo—in Pooling Bingo Halls, for further information.)

In bingo halls where three or less events are held within a seven-day period, the formation of an HCA is optional.

When setting up an HCA, the member organizations must adopt a constitution and bylaws outlining their administrative objectives and establishing criteria for:

  • electing a Board of Directors; (Note: All persons elected to the HCA board must be active members of a charitable organization that is a member of the HCA and must remain active members of their charitable organization during their term of office on the HCA board.)
  • operating as a non-profit association;
  • dissolving the association; and
  • any other necessary procedures.

The HCA has several important functions:

  1. Individual charitable organizations must form an HCA in order to apply for licences issued by the Registrar, such as Super Jackpot, Table Board Bingo and Break Open Ticket.
  2. It gives the charitable organizations a common voice in discussions with the Operator of the bingo hall.
  3. It simplifies the administration of lottery events licensed by the Registrar by allowing the HCAs to use one licence and one designated lottery trust account.
  4. Any joint marketing plans for bingo advertising and promotion must be conducted through the HCA (see 9.7.4. Joint marketing plansfor further information).

The HCA’s responsibilities are detailed in the terms and conditions of the licence. In general, an HCA:

  • schedules the dates and times of bingo events;
  • determines the type of prize board (variable or fixed);
  • determines the game schedule and the price of bingo paper; and
  • administers licences issued to the HCA.

The above tasks may be performed in consultation with the Operator of the bingo hall.