(3) Staffing - other

3.1 Licensees, other than Hall Charities Associations, must designate at least two (2) bona fide, active members of the licensee to be in charge of and responsible for the conduct and administration of each Super Jackpot licence on behalf of the licensee. The designated members in charge must be at least 18 years of age and, on behalf of the licensee, be responsible for:

  1. supervising all activities related to the conduct of the Super Jackpot;
  2. completing and filing the required financial report on the results of the Super Jackpot;
  3. ensuring that all terms and conditions of the licence and any additional conditions imposed by a licensing authority are complied with.

3.2 Personnel required to assist in the conduct of the Super Jackpot must be those that are assisting with the Regular Bingo event.