iGaming Ontario Step 7: Execute the Operating Agreement with iGO


The final step before entering the regulated market is executing the Operating Agreement with iGO. You’ll be invited to sign the Operating Agreement and coordinate the activities related to your entrance into the regulated market.

Before Starting this Step

You must have:

  1. Received a Certificate of Registration as an Internet Gaming Operator from the AGCO
  2. Completed all other AGCO steps to entering the market c) Completed all other iGO steps to entering the market.


TBD.  A non-executable version of the Operating Agreement (OA) is available on iGO Connect to Operators who have executed an NDA with iGO. The time it will take to complete this step is variable depending on each Operator’s unique circumstances.

Support with this Step

You will be working with iGO’s legal department to complete this step. If you have questions, you will be able to e-mail them. Please execute your NDA with iGO to receive access to a proprietary version of this document including the departmental email. Visit iGO Connect for the latest information about the Operating Agreement.