1. Each registered Gaming-Related Supplier who is a manufacturer of BOTs (the “manufacturer”) must ensure that all BOTs sold comply with Sections 1 to 9 of these standards.
  2. (1) The manufacturer must develop internal control procedures that enable it to track BOT deals from the point of manufacture to the point of transfer of ownership to a registered Gaming-Related Supplier of equipment/services, or to a licensed charity.
    (2) At minimum, the manufacturer must maintain the following records and information:
    1. copies of all purchase orders for BOTs;
    2. copies of shipping documents verifying shipments of BOTs and invoices;
    3. description (name of game) sold;
    4. number of BOT deals sold by serial number;
    5. date BOT deals sold;
    6. name and address of registered supplier or licensed charity purchasing BOTs; and
    7. copy of charity’s licence when supplied directly to a licensee.
    (3) The manufacturer must file with the Registrar a review engagement report and current financial statements upon renewal of its registration(s).