1. (1) The deal must be designed, constructed, glued and assembled in such a manner as to prevent the determination of a winning ticket without removing the tabs or otherwise uncovering the symbols or numbers.

    (2) Each ticket in a deal must bear the same serial number.

    (3) There must not be more than one (1) serial number in one (1) deal.

    (4) The numbers or symbols must be fully visible in the window and must be centred so that no part of a symbol or number remains covered when the tab is removed.

    (5) Displacement of the symbols to the left or right in a window is allowed for increased game security.

  2. (1) The window slits on each BOT must be perforated on the three (3) cut sides.

    (2) All BOTs must be glued on all four (4) edges and between each window.

    (3) The glue must be of sufficient strength and type so as to prevent the undetectable separation or delamination of the BOT.