The Government of Ontario is working with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and its internet gaming (iGaming) subsidiary to establish a competitive iGaming market that fosters an exciting gaming experience while protecting consumers and keeping Ontarians safe.

This high-level roadmap aims to provide clarity to Ontarians and businesses on the province’s path to introducing a competitive igaming marketplace.

This timeline is an estimate and subject to change. The AGCO will be updating the dates on this roadmap as details about Ontario’s expanded igaming market are finalized.


Government Public Engagement

March to April 2021
Government launched its public engagement efforts to get input on how to establish a regulated igaming market in Ontario.


Registrar’s Standards Engagement

March to April 2021
During this period, stakeholders can provide feedback on the regulatory standards and requirements for igaming operators and suppliers.


Registration of Independent Testing Labs (ITL)

April 2021
ITLs can begin applying for registration as Gaming-Related Suppliers as Gaming-Related Suppliers on iAGCO in order to be ready to provide services for the Ontario igaming market.


Eligibility Engagement

May 2021
During this period, stakeholders provided feedback on the AGCO’s proposed approach to determining the eligibility of entities, individuals and technology to participate in Ontario’s competitive igaming market.


Compliance Engagement

Spring 2021
During this period, stakeholders can provide feedback on the AGCO’s approach to ensuring igaming participants comply with the laws, regulations and standards that protect the public interest.


Subsidiary Engagement

Spring – Summer 2021
During this period, stakeholders can provide the iGaming subsidiary with input about common and leading practices based on their knowledge and experience.


Regulation for the incorporation of the iGaming Subsidiary

Summer 2021
The AGCO’s iGaming subsidiary will be established as a distinct, legal entity to develop Ontario’s igaming market and enter into commercial contracts with private operators.


Commercial Contract Available to Operators

Summer 2021
The iGaming subsidiary will make excerpts of a draft commercial contract available to interested operators.


Registration Opens to Operators

Summer – Fall 2021
Interested operators can begin the registration process to operate in Ontario through the iAGCO online portal.


Operators Sign Commercial Contract

Fall 2021
igaming operators that are registered with the AGCO and who wish to be among the first group to be permitted to operate in Ontario, must execute their commercial contract with the iGaming subsidiary.


Systems Readiness Completed

Fall 2021
IT systems supporting the launch of the new igaming framework are built, configured and tested.


Launch of Ontario’s competitive iGaming market!

Late 2021
This is when registered operators under contract with the iGaming subsidiary may start offering their products and services to Ontarians in the regulated market.

Please visit our new webpage to see updates on the future of igaming in Ontario and register to the AGCO’s Engagement Portal to be notified when input opportunities are posted.

Download a PDF infographic version of this roadmap. Download a PDF infographic version of this roadmap.


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